Chair Name: Gail Black

Purpose: To welcome visitors to UUCV, assist in coordination of New Membership Classes, encourage UUCV friends to become members, greet on Sundays and collect offering.

Responsibilities: The committee staffs the Visitors table in the Social Hall, ensuring that visitors are welcomed and given appropriate information. Brochures are available, as well as a UUCV member to answer questions. The New Membership class is coordinated with the minister and regular visitors are encouraged to attend this class. Upon making a decision to join UUCV, the committee provides the new member with a new member packet of information. An Ingathering Service is scheduled so new members can officially be welcomed to the congregations during a Sunday service. Periodically, a list of members and friends is reviewed and people who have not been present and/or active at UUCV over several months are contacted. Events such as the Fall Potluck are arranged to encourage people to come back to UUCV. The Membership Committee is also responsible for maintaining and updating UUCV’s directory of members and friends.

Meeting Place and Time: First Friday of the month at 10:00 AM in the Board Room

Contact: Gail Black,