Building ToursHave you wondered what major repairs are needed to our building?  Excellent!   Let’s get better informed, perhaps viewing areas you rarely visit.

Building tours to provide first hand observations are planned for Sundays during October.   All are encouraged to join a tour.


Dates:  October 1, 8, 15, and 22

Time:  11:50 following service

Starting Location:  meet at the main entrance     

Tour Length:  about 30 minutes


*Tours involve walking outside, stairs and uneven surfaces.


Recapping: September’s – Capital Campaign Weekly Q&A     

What have we learned from September’s weekly Questions & Answers

#5 Q:What things are we campaigning for?  Is this limited to building needs?

      A:  In many ways this depends on congregation decisions.  There is no skirting the fact there are several major building repairs needed.  BUT, the campaign dream is to incorporate diverse new initiatives to move UUCV toward the future.  The critical role of cottage meetings is for the congregation to give voice to these initiatives.


#6 Q:Who creates the three project packages?

     A:  The six person Project Planning Team is tasked with forming 3 packages which address needed building restoration and new initiatives.  The building list was established by a collaborative effort of the B&G Chairs and Board members.  New initiatives (programs, staff, and enhancements) are determined by congregational input during the cottage meetings.  The Project Planning Team will work in consultation with various professionals, the CC Steering Committee and the Board.

#7 Q:How can we make our building more accessible to everyone?

     A:  Cottage meetings raised the idea of not just meeting ADA “compliant” standards, but going a step farther to be ADA “welcoming”.  This idea would alter how we tackle the initiative.  Some projects being researched include: a wheelchair accessible main entrance, reconfigured bathrooms, and social hall entrance steps that accommodate walker assistance.   A bigger dream and price point – Imagine a more welcoming, wide-open lobby for enhanced mobility and new comer activities.

#8 Q:How do we balance the annual budget drive and a capital campaign?

     A:  This is a question with diverse answers.  UUCV needs to maintain the current annual budget to meet expenses.  Thus, personally, we cannot reduce our annual budget commitment.  A capital campaign pledge, where giving can be spread over 3 years, is an opportunity for creative giving.  Options might include: annual interest from an investment, lump amount from a matured CD, part of an inheritance, bonus check, sale of an unneeded camper or car, lottery payout, taking a less expensive vacation, etc.  We will each need to explore possibilities.

#9 Q:What are the priorities for using capital campaign funds?

     A:  Building priorities will be based on: safety & security, “welcoming” access, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance expense.  For example, repaving the parking lot is a safety issue and replacement windows address energy efficiency and security.  Additional priorities are decided by congregation Visioning input.  Tabulations are in progress, but priorities surfacing include: community outreach, congregation growth (especially young families) and expanded staffing.  Once completed, the Visioning priority data will be shared with the congregation.



Capital Campaign Transitions to Phase II

As the seasons begin to turn, so does the focus of Capital Campaign planning.  September will find us transitioning from Visioning to Project Planning.  Everyone is encouraged to read Pre-views as the “Weekly Question & Answer” will focus on congregation questions.

Mid-September – The Visioning Team, under Deb Stille’s leadership, will finalize a report on what we learned during the cottage meetings.  Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your visions for UUCV’s future.  A special thank you to those who offered their talents as facilitators and scribes and those who offered hospitality serving as hosts.

*Facilitators/Scribes/Hosts:  Bev Ayers-Nachamkin, Gail Black, Jim Burton, Kit Franklin, Anne Gero,  Wendy Gebb, Cindy Good, Jill Kachmar, Char Klein, Don Klinedinst, Mary Lynn Lynch, Kass & Tony Matyas, Cheryl Parsons, Leeann Rhoades, Deb Stille, Rachel Teates, Tim Tilton and Rita van Alkemade.

September – The Project Planning Team, under the leadership of Tim Tilton and Rita van Alkemade, will begin 2 months of intense work analyzing the feasibility and costs from the Vision Phase and necessary building restorations.   This is a large undertaking involving research, meetings with contractors for estimates, the expertise of a building architect and site surveyor and creative thinking on how to formulate doable campaign packages.

Late September/October– Watch for guided tours of the building!

These will allow the congregation to observe first-hand and understand such things as: repointing brick areas, deteriorated soffits and exterior doors, the collapsing stone wall, and energy inefficient windows.  Do you wonder why UUCV needs to invest in major building restorations?   Is it possible to redesign the front entrance or kitchen?  Plan to take a tour and discover answers.

“Capital Campaign”:  A New Addition to UUCV’s Website

Capital Campaign information now has a “home” on UUCV’s website.  From the homepage click on the STEWARDSHIP button at the top.  “Capital Campaign” appears in the drop down menu.   New articles and events will continue to be added.  Thank you to Bev Motich and Pam Martin for their expertise!

Recapping: August – Capital Campaign Weekly Q&A


What have we learned during the first month of weekly Questions & Answers?  Let’s review or give yourself a quiz!   Upcoming, new weekly Q&A segments will answer questions submitted during the Town Hall.  These questions fall into categories: the types of projects, priorities, campaign processes, congregation involvement and financial issues.  Watch for these weekly postings to help grow our understanding of the capital campaign.



#1  Q:What is a Capital Campaign?A:   A capital campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a congregation to come together and invest in its future.  It is a means to define and realize our vision of what UUCV can become.#2  Q: How much input will I have in the Capital Campaign?

      A:   First, share your hopes and visions by attending a cottage meetings.  After the visioning phase, congregation decisions will include selecting project packages, the amount to be raised and whether the Capital Campaign drive should be initiated.


#3  Q:When would a capital campaign drive start  and how long do I have to make payments?

A:   The Capital Campaign would kick off at the same time as the 2018 pledge drive.  Fulfilling pledges would extend over 3 years.  So, there are three years to honor each pledge.


#4  Q:When will we see results from the capital campaign?

A:   Hopefully, soon after funds begin arriving!  Although there are three years for all the pledges to be received, a sizable sum often is donated in the first year.  Projects will be prioritized and as monies are received, projects will be scheduled.

Capital Campaign Update – Moving Towards a Bright Future

          A:   A capital campaign is a once-a-generation opportunity for a congregation to come together and invest in its future.  It is a means to define and realize our vision of what UUCV can become.

Additional information will be developed through: continued congregational involvement; research into various projects by the  board and Capital Campaign steering committee;  the service and training conducted by Reverend David Pyle on August 20; cottage meetings that are scheduled between August 20 and early September.


Sunday, August 20 – Rev. David Pyle Leading Worship and Following Workshop

“Held by a Vision”. The Rev. David Pyle, UUA Staff Primary Contact for UUCV, preaching, with Bev Motich, Worship Associate.

After the service, we will have a light lunch and then return to the sanctuary for Rev. Pyle’s workshop on visioning. He will challenge us to turn our implicit assumptions into an explicit understanding of the mission, vision, culture, and identity of our congregation. This service and workshop are the kickoff to our three weeks of Cottage meetings – small, creative discussions about our hopes and dreams for the future of UUCV.


How Do We Dream Big for UUCV’s Future?

There’s still time to sign up for a Cottage Meeting. These small gatherings will allow you to share your hopes and dreams for UUCV. In this critical first step in the planning for a Capital Campaign, participants will collectively help shape many possible futures. After all the meetings have been held, and all your input has been transcribed, the Committee on Ministry will pass that comprehensive report on to the chairs of Phase Two for cost estimates.


To make signing up easier, you may call Pam Martin at 717-249-8944 or email her at . She will sign the sheet for you.

Each meeting is limited to 10 guests. So check your schedule and sign up soon!


TUESDAY, Aug. 22                  6:30-8:30 PM

Host: Jim Burton

At church in Aija’s office

Sat Aug 26                              10 AM-noon

Hosts: Anne Gero & Don Klinedinst

At Anne & Don’s home in Carlisle


Sunday, Aug. 27                     12 noon-2 PM

Host: Jill Kachmar

At church in Aija’s office


Monday, Aug. 28                   6:30-8:30 PM

Host: Cindy Good

At Cindy & Paula’s home in Boiling Springs


Tuesday, Aug. 29                  10 AM-noon

Host: Cindy Good

At church in the dining room


Wednesday, Aug. 30             1:30-3:30 PM

Host: Kit Franklin

At Kit’s home in Newville


Thursday, Aug. 31                  6:30-8:30 PM

Host: Cheryl Parsons

At Cheryl & Wendy’s home in Carlisle


Sunday, Sep. 3                       12 noon-2 PM

Host: Gail Black

At church in Aija’s office


Tuesday, Sep. 5                      6:30-8:30 PM

Hosts: Rita Van Alkemade and Tim Tilton

At Rita & Tim’s home in Carlisle


Wednesday, Sep. 6                1:00-3:00 PM

Host: Leeann Rhoades

At Leeann & Craig’s home in Harrisburg


Sunday, Sep. 10                     12 noon-2 PM

Hosts: Tony & Kass Matyas

At church in Aija’s office