In April 2017, UUCV brought in a consultant to help us shape a plan for developing a Capital Campaign. The resultant Summary of Next Steps was presented to the congregation, encouraging us to pursue this goal.

In June 2017, a Steering Committee, headed by co-chairs Paula Terry and Tom DeWall, and members Ellen Buller, Melissa Mattson, Bev Motich, Deb Stille, Tim Tilton and Rita Van Alkemade was approved by the Board of Trustees. The Steering Committee spent the next few months collecting congregational input through visioning sessions with cottage meetings, gathering estimates and costs, and planning for the Capital Campaign.

On Sunday January 14, three packages were presented outlining how the Capital Campaign can fulfill the goals of our congregation.  If you were unable to attend the presentation, the detailed package booklets, are available in the social hall and here.  Everyone attending UUCV is encouraged to learn about this exciting turning point in our history.

The next four Sundays, January 21 and 28, and February 4 and 11 members of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee were available in the social hall during coffee hour to answer questions.  Click here to view some of the Questions and Answers provided by the Steering Committee.

One of the important visions many of us have is the expansion of our Director of Lifetime Faith Development to full time status. Here is a view of some of the benefits that full time staff member could provide.

Sunday February 18 – UUCV members cast a “Preference Vote” to select one of the packages.  The results of this vote were overwhelmingly in favor of the Gold Package, with 57% of the vote. Votes also were cast for Silver (28%) and Bronze (15%).

Following the preference vote, we worked with a consultant to conduct a Financial Feasibility study, with favorable results.

On Sunday, April 15,  an impressively brief Special Congregational Meeting was held.  A motion was made and seconded to proceed with the Gold Plan of the Capital Campaign, with a target goal of $665,000. We voted YES.

It is time to take a deep breath, and prepare for the next step.

The fund drive for the Capital Campaign will officially kick off in August 2018.