January Sermons

January 3 Rev. Aija Simpson – Draw the Circle Wide

Come and celebrate as we welcome new members into our beloved community. As we draw our circle ever wider let us take time to ask: who else is outside of the circle? How do we draw it wide enough for them?


January 10 Gisela Roethke – Refugees Then and Now

What does it mean to be a refugee? This is a challenge to our understanding and compassion, besides to our purses.


January 17 Rev. Aija Simpson – Wade in the Water

Come honor Martin Luther King Jr as we struggle to figure out where we find the strength to wade into troubled water.


January 24 Rev. Aija Simpson – Enough to Share

What would it mean to have enough? Do we even know what enough is? Let us imagine a life where all of us know what it is to have enough?


January 31 Rev. Aija Simpson – Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

Do you ever feel oppressed by your stuff? Are your closets overflowing and your dressers running over. Is our relationship with material things healthy?

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