April Worship Services

April 3 – “The Waters of Life” Water is sacred in traditions worldwide both present and past.  Why is this element so powerful?  Kate Barr will be preaching with worship associate Julie Ham.  “The cure for anything is saltwater, sweat, tears or the sea.” Isak Dinesen

April 10 – “How Much Does Your Soul Weigh?” – People once believed that you could weigh a human soul – now we’re not even sure if we’ve got one, let alone what it would weigh. What does it mean to have soul? Do you have one?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship associate Dick Poland.

April 17 – “Soul Siblings” – Some people touch your soul – if you are willing to let them close enough to do so. Are you brave enough to try?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship associate Deb Stille.

April 24 – “The Dark Night of the Soul” – What gets us through?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching.

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