Open Auction Events for April

FERNS (and more)! – Enhance your garden with the addition of healthy ferns from Carole DeWall’s garden. They are quite hardy and will grow two to four feet high. In addition, large plants of Autumn Joy Sedum and green Liriope are also available for your donation to UUCV – any three for $10. Plan to pick up your freshly dug plants now through the end of April on a mutually agreeable date. Contact Carole

Spring Sunset Rocks Hike – We promise steep uphill on a rocky trail and a picnic with a spectacular view at the top for those fit and adventurous souls willing to climb the half mile up to the top of Little Rocky Ridge with us on Saturday, April 30 at    4:00 PM.  Get your boots on and let’s hike!  Hosted by Marie Helweg-Larson and Wendell Smith $15/pp

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