Annual Budget Drive 2016 – 2017

This year’s Annual Budget Drive came on the heels of a very successful Furnace Fund collection in December-January which raised $50,632. So for the Budget Drive, we used a low-impact approach, with one mailing sent to each potential donor, and follow-up emails and calls only going to those we had not heard from yet. By the end of the drive we were short approximately $25,000 of the budget goal we had set. However, taking into account the Furnace collection, that actually means we had raised $25,000 extra this year from this very generous congregation.

On April 16, the Board met to develop a budget proposal that would be responsible and within our means. We were aware that costs had been down this year. We had saved some funding due to the mild winter and lower overall costs of fuel, and less snow shoveling needed.  We knew we had saved funds allocated to staff salary since we were without a paid DLFD position for several months of the year. All of these factors yielded a cushion of almost $40,000 in our accounts for this year.

The proposed budget that will be released for your review shortly will re-allocate some of this extra funding to make up for the shortfall from the Budget drive. This will work for this year only.  We are providing advanced warning now that every pledging family will need to raise their pledge by $200 next year to keep us financially stable. We would have loved to take this cushion and put it towards creating a financial safety net for UUCV.  Knowing that there will be years in the future where we will have similar financial needs the board has decided to launch an endowment campaign in the coming year.  This will help to put us on a path to a more secure financial future.

If you have questions about the specifics of our plans please join us for drop in meetings in the board room on Sunday, April 24 and Sunday May 1.

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