Kit Franklin awarded Unsung Hero Award 2015

kitThe Unsung Hero recognition is given each year at UUCV to a member of the congregation who, while not currently a Board member or Committee Chair, has provided outstanding support in the past and prior years and is deserving of recognition for exemplary service and community participation at UUCV.

Kit has been with UUCV since its beginning.  She has been, in the past, a member of the Board of Trustees and an elected Board Chairperson.

When Small Group Facilitators began to meet and plan together, she served as co-coordinator of the gathering.  She is currently a small group facilitator for the Day Timers Group—and she is also a member of the Newville Small group.

Kit has had persistent involvement in our year by year Stewardship Campaigns, was a member of the Transition Committee helping to ease the transition between pastors, has represented UUCV at General Assembly and has been active, over the years, in GLBTQ issues and projects.

Kit served in the past as a member of the Social Action Council, and worked with the Greater Harrisburg Area Silent Witness Program, together with her now-deceased husband, Alan Franklin—who remains in our UUCV memory as a vital presence.

We frequently encounter Kit as a greeter for Sunday service and handing out the Order of Service as we enter the Sanctuary and she operates the Sound Board at the back of the Sanctuary in regular rotation and as she may be called upon when needed.

Congratulations to Kit!


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