Carlisle Debating an Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in Carlisle

Pleae attend the July 28 meeting is at 7:00 pm at the borough building, 53 W South Street. We need loads of people to attend this meeting and speak to the need for this ordinance.  Can you invite others to do so as well?  One councilman called this ordinance an “overreaction of nuclear proportions” and said that there is no discrimination in Carlisle, comparing LGBT people to the Indian School, which was a PRIME example of systematic discrimination. The last meeting about it, only 9 people showed up — 8 who were against it, and one for it.

Right now, there is NO LEGISLATION that prevents a landlord or employer from tossing a person just for being gay. Right now, if a gay couple were to hold hands or kiss on the street, they could be jeopardizing their very livelihood and home. To say that this is not needed is to say that LGBTQ people need to rely on the benevolence of Carlisle’s residents alone, and as we are all aware, benevolence is in short supply these days.

Here’s the article about it:


Here’s the link to the petition that we’re going to turn in Thursday night


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