Support the LGBT Employment Non-discrimination Bill (SB 1306)

With the hearing on legislation to protect LGBT Pennsylvanians from discrimination at work scheduled for next Tuesday, August 30th—this is your number one chance to make your voice heard.

Now that the committee has created a special link, the only way to ensure that your testimony is on the public record, is to submit it directly to the Senate Labor and Industry Committee website before next Tuesday’s historic hearing.

Make sure that your lawmakers know that you staunchly support the LGBT employment non-discrimination bill (SB 1306) because ALL hardworking Pennsylvanians deserve to make a living and participate in our economy, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Click here to submit your testimony to the August 30th hearing on SB 1306 on the Senate Labor and Industry Committee website. Your testimony will be entered into public record and delivered to every member of the committee prior to the hearing.

Maybe you are LGBT—and for you, this legislation means you can apply for jobs and go to work with confidence that you won’t get turned away or wrongfully terminated just because of who you are.

Maybe your spouse or parent is LGBT—and you rely on them to be able to make a steady living to provide for your family.

Maybe you’re an employer who knows that when states advance LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination laws, they are investing in local businesses by enabling them to better compete in an increasingly global economy.

And maybe you’re an LGBT ally who knows that equality is about treating people fairly under the law.

Whatever your reason, the Senate and Labor Industry Committee needs to hear from YOU about why you support statewide LGBT employment protections.

Click here to submit your testimony—now, before the portal closes—to ensure your voice is heard and entered into public record in support of LGBT non-discrimination in advance of Tuesday’s hearing.

Don’t miss your chance to make your voice count.


Ted Martin
Equality Pennsylvania

P.S. Even if you have emailed your Senators before, we need your official testimony today to make sure the members of the Labor and Industry Committee hear your voice before the hearing next week. Click here to submit your story.



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