October Worship Services

October’s worship theme is “Inherent Dignity and Worth”

October 2 – “Dignity” We affirm and promote the inherent dignity and worth of every person. That sounds great but what, exactly, does it mean. And how to we gauge dignity? [Can it be lost? Can we surrender our dignity? Take others’?]  Rev. Aija Simpson will be preaching with worship assicate Cheryl Parsons.

October 9 – “Silence (And Other Figments of Our Imagination)”: It may seem paradoxical for us to focus on silence at our annual Music Sunday service. On the other hand, where else is a musician to begin, but silence? And what do we do when we can’t find any?  Our Music Director, David M. Glasgow, leads this special Music Sunday along with the UUCV Choir.

October 16 – “The Deadly Virtue of Tolerance.” Many UUs think our first principle is about tolerance, but I tend to think that it is so much more than that.  As one of our most famous UU ministers, Forrest Church, once said, “virtues are only deadly when malpracticed, . . . for they lend the appearance of nobility to evil.”  So what can be evil about tolerance?  Rev. Bob MacDicken will be the guest minister with worship associate Dick Poland.

October 23 – “Stump the Minister”  Got a burning theological question? Wondering why we do certain things in the service? Curious about the inner workings of the church? Come ask the minister and find out?  Rev. Aija Simpson will be preaching with worship assicate Gisela Roethke.

October 30 – “Yes, even him. And her. And him again”  We don’t mean the inherent worth of everyone do we? Certainly there must be one or two exceptions, right? Spoiler Alert: There Aren’t.  Rev. Aija Simpson will be preaching with worship assicate Julie Ham.

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