We Are All Mad Here…Mad About UUCV

Beginning Sunday, October  2  and continuing through Sunday, October 30, UUCV Auction “lottery” tickets will be sold in the Fellowship Hall after worship.  These tickets afford the purchaser the opportunity to win a percentage (up to 50%) of the lottery “pot,” with the remaining balance going to UUCV as part of the Annual Auction fund-raising event.

Tickets may be purchased in $5 increments up to a maximum of $25.  The winning ticket will be drawn during the live Auction on Saturday night, November 5.  If the winner is not present, she/he will win the percentage of the total sales purchases equal to the dollar amount of the ticket purchased (e.g., a winning $5 ticket receives 5% of the “pot.”)  If the winner is present at the drawing, he/she will win double the percentage.  That is, a winning $5 ticket equals 10%; a winning $10 ticket equals 20%, etc., up to a maximum of 50%.  UUCV always nets at least 50% of the total ticket sales.

So stop by the lottery table on Sundays.  Take a chance.  Join in the “Madness” and support our beloved church community.  You’re guaranteed a good time –  Go  ask  Alice!

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