Keep our Chalice Lighter Flame Burning Brightly

Join your fellow Unitarian Universalists by making a $20 gift to Chalice Lighters three times a year.

At a time when we need more UUs, your Chalice Lighter gifts keep the flame of Unitarian Universalism burning brightly.  Chalice Lighters pledge to contribute $20 or more, when the call comes to “light the chalice” for congregations in our region.  There are three calls each year.  Chalice Lighter funds help congregations through grants for staff positions and other innovative growth strategies.   Every dollar you contribute goes directly into these grants.

Combined with gifts from other UUs in our District, your gift helps to jump start new congregations and provides critical grant support to existing congregations.  Joseph Priestley District (JPD) Chalice Lighters in our 70 congregations in MD, PA, DC, DE, and NJ have combined their $20 or $40 or more in contributions to help start 7 new congregations over the last 25 years, adding 750 new Unitarian Universalists to our numbers.  UUCV has benefited from three Chalice Lighter grants, which initially helped us staff our RE Director, Music Director and Office Administrator positions.

$20 isn’t much to ask, but combined with thousands of others in the JPD, it enables congregations to build strong ministry, attract children, youth, and adults, and offer enhanced music services.  We have a goal of 33% participation in the Chalice Lighter program, and we need your help to reach that goal!

Those members who have given generously to Chalice Lighters in the past can take special pleasure in the knowledge that they are doing their part to strengthen Unitarian Universalism in our region.  Talk to our Chalice Lighter Ambassador Bev Motich during coffee hour on Sunday to make sure that you are on the list!  You may also click here to find more information and the on-line enrollment form.  Please do it today!

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