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Friends, gathering together in our Sanctuary is of course a privilege and highlight for many of us.  I know our gathering Wednesday evening—”In the Same Room: A Time of Meditation and Unity“—helped me to awaken Thursday morning with a sense that, no matter what happened, the goodness and compassion that I believe are innate to all human beings will triumph.

This morning, I feel less confident.  My heart wants to retreat to the Sanctuary again, to feel another boost of centeredness and confidence and strength for the work that needs to be done in healing our interconnected web.

If you too are struggling with the cycles of your reaction to the election, and to the turmoil our country is experiencing in its aftermath, I encourage you to stop by the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship.  This “congregation without walls” includes music, words, and video compiled and curated to provide a spiritual home for those who cannot easily attend local UU congregations—or for those who, like me right now, need a little church between Sundays.

So take care of yourself.  Grieve and vent.  Rest and recharge.  Then get out there and be a force for good in the world.

And we’ll see you again on Sunday.

Blessed to share the winding road with you,


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