UUCV to Host Carlisle CARES in May 2017

During a Town Hall meeting, the Board announced that UUCV would again be a host church for Carlisle CARES. Pending was discussion with CARES to determine the best fit for their program and UUCV’s calendar. We are happy to announce that UUCV will host the family shelter in May 2017. The “family” shelter includes women and children. Previously, UUCV hosted the “combined” shelter, which included women, children and men, resulting in a tight fit for our dining room. Our facility is well suited for the families, while the men are hosted by another church.

Not familiar with the program? Carlisle CARES (Combined Area Resources for Emergency Shelter) was established in 2004 to address homelessness in the Carlisle area. The program provides comprehensive services to facilitate the individual’s journey from being homeless to a state of self-sufficiency. The Resource Center is open seven days per week, 365 days per year. When individuals are enrolled in the program, they must have a state-issued photo ID and are vetted through NCIC, Megan’s Law, and a judicial site for any pending charges. A case management plan is developed, requiring 15-20 hours per week of “proactivity.” Clients meet weekly with their service coordinator. Compliance with all aspects of the program is a must; a progressive series of corrective action steps are initiated if problems arise, with removal from the program being the ultimate consequence. Clients who graduate from the Carlisle CARES program are eligible to receive post-discharge case management services for two years. The overnight shelter services, which offer a warm and safe place to sleep, are provided by participating area churches, rotating on a monthly basis. Guests are transported by CARES to and from churches that are not within walking distance of the Resource Center.

For UUCV to prepare to host, several start-up activities will occur during the next few months. Because the cost of added security features and the insurance rider are not included in this year’s budget, we are initiating a special, one-time funding effort to cover the expenses – estimated to be less than $1000. Your donation will help to make hosting the shelter a reality. As a thank you, you will receive a magnetic name tag holder for your gift of $25 or more. Stop poking holes in your clothes and donate now! Make checks payable to UUCV, with “CARES” in the memo line.

Bravo to the Board for taking a leadership role in carving a path to enable UUCV to participate in this vital program, while balancing the church’s needs. More updates to come on our progress and how you can help. Questions in the meantime? Contact June Hoch at 241-3034 or gjunehoch@gmail.com


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