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In May 2017, UUCV will host the family shelter, which consists of women and children. There are many volunteer opportunities for UUCV members and friends, including van driver, host and overnight volunteer. Of these, the most preparation is required to be an overnight volunteer, so that position will be addressed here. Because UUCV is hosting the family shelter, only women may serve as overnight volunteers at UUCV.

Wow, overnight volunteer – that sounds a little scary.  It’s not rocket science – arrive at 8:30 pm; check-in guests at 9:00; turn off the lights at 10:00; sleep; turn on the lights at 6:15 am; and then leave by 7 am. The guests know the routine. Current requirements include a variety of clearances and training, which must be completed BEFORE the volunteer may stay overnight.

Wow again, what if I don’t feel comfortable staying over? First, please be aware that volunteering overnight is not for everyone. Don’t feel obligated. CARES coordinates the overnight volunteers from a pool of trained people. UUCV members are not obligated to do this. Second, if you are interested and want a way to ease into the position, here are some options. Consider staying overnight with an experienced volunteer. You can shadow her activities and learn by observing what to do. Second, new volunteers could stay overnight together and help each other. Finally, just grit your teeth and do it! The guests are very helpful and can answer many of your questions. Also, help is only a phone call away, as CARES designates a nightly emergency contact. Please chat with UUCV’s experienced CARES volunteers – Dee Lauderbaugh, June Hoch and Devon Hoch.

What else can I do to help?  Future articles will focus on other volunteer activities, such as being a host. A host is needed each night in May and must be a UUCV member. More on that later. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet made a donation, please consider doing so. Several security improvements will be made to UUCV prior to hosting and an insurance rider is required. As these expenses are not included in this year’s budget, the UUCV community is being asked to donate to cover the costs, anticipated to be less than $1000. If your contribution is $25 or more, you will receive a magnetic name tag holder in appreciation for your gift. Make checks payable to UUVC, with CARES on the memo line. Thanks for your support.

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