Did you hear?

It never fails—the week you’re home sick is the week everyone is talking about Rev. Aija’s sermon.  Or maybe you were so blown away by the reflection that you wanted to experience it again later in the week.  Or maybe you just wanted your friends to know why you keep bragging about the worship program at UUCV!

Whatever your reasons, it’s good to remember that we publish audio recordings of most of our lay reflections and sermons on our website.  Just click the red “Service Archive” button on our home page at uucv.net to view a list of past services.  Click the service title to see what recordings are available for that date.

Alternatively, the more tech-savvy among us may prefer simply to follow the UUCV channel at SoundCloud—that’s the best way to be sure you’re notified as soon as a new recording is available!

And of course we also share new recordings on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, so it’s easy to stay current!

Want to help us make sure recordings are available promptly each week?  Contact David about volunteering on the sound board on Sunday mornings, or helping to process and upload the recordings later in the week.  Your enthusiasm is most welcome!

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