Carlisle CARES – Being a UUCV Host

Each night in May, while UUCV hosts the shelter, someone from the UUCV community must be a host. The host unlocks the doors around 8:15 pm and greets the overnight volunteer. The host then orients the overnight volunteer to the UUCV building. The host will put out water for the guests (no food) and ensure adequate bathroom supplies. As the guests arrive between 8:30 – 9:00 pm, the overnight volunteer will check them in; the host does not have responsibility for the guests. Guests are allowed to go outside to smoke until 10:00 pm, at which time the host leaves and locks all outside doors. No guests may enter the shelter after 10:00 pm, unless preapproved because of work schedule. The overnight volunteer will handle late arrivals. Don’t worry about remembering all of this activity; a check list will be provided. Please consider being a host for one or several nights.  It’s not a lot of time and a great opportunity to meet members of our Carlisle community. Interested? Contact June Hoch, 241-3034.


Save the date: Sunday, April 23, noon in the Dining Room, Ray Shaull, Carlisle CARES Shelter Program Coordinator, will come to UUCV to meet with the hosts and any interested person. Pizza will be provided. Yum!

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