Pay Attention

Rev. Aija Simpson

I, like most 21st century Americans, am a multitasking machine.  It begins when I roll out of bed and start checking email on my phone while I brush my teeth and goes straight through to bedtime: when I am checking my e-mail while I brush my teeth.  Despite every study that suggests that we aren’t actually as good at multitasking as we think we are (really, we aren’t) the temptation is difficult to resist.  Tell the truth: when was the last time you didn’t work through lunch?

We simply don’t have time to focus all of our attention on what someone is saying, let alone the deeper meaning that might be underneath what they are saying.   The world moves entirely too quickly and we have entirely too many distractions and I hate to tell you this: it is only going to get worse.  This isn’t really good or bad – it just is.  Cell phones at the table aren’t going anywhere and conversations that are interrupted by a text message every 5 minutes are going to continue to be the norm.  

In this context, joining the Small Group Ministry Program could be considered a radical act.  In the loud, busy, distracted world we live in; deep listening is deeply counter cultural.  We come together and for one hour we do just one thing.  We listen.  We listen with all of our hearts and all of our souls.  We don’t check our e-mail and we don’t focus on our to do list.  We don’t even think about how we might respond– that too is a distraction.  We simply listen as deeply and as empathically as we can.  In our modern world that is a revolutionary act.  

If you would like to join us in our mini revolution please contact Rev. Aija or Rich Bronakoski.

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