Interested in a Life-changing Trip to Mozambique?

The UUVC Mozambique Steering Committee is planning a review trip to Mozambique during the month of August this year.  For detailed information concerning this remarkable social justice project, initiated over twelve years ago, please visit our website:   In brief, members and friends of the congregation raise funds every year to support girls’ education in Moz.  As a critical part of the project, a few members of the congregation travel to Moz every 2-3 years to meet the staff, the girls and their parents.  This is an important part of what we do.  We make direct connections with the girls where they live and go to school, converse with the staff and learn firsthand about the challenges and needs of the girls and their communities.  If you are interested in this life-changing opportunity, please call Dianne Dusman at 717 319-5362.

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