Carlisle CARES – calling all men

As UUCV will be hosting the family shelter in May, which is comprised of women and children, only women may volunteer to stay overnight with the guests. However, we could use a few – or more – good men to serve as hosts. Hosts unlock the church, run through a check-list of preparatory tasks and orient the overnight volunteer to the building. The overnight volunteer checks in the guests at 8:30; the host has no formal duties related to the guests, although most hosts enjoy getting to know our neighbors better. The host locks the outside door at 10:00 pm and is finished.  If you’re a morning person, volunteers are needed on Saturday and Sunday mornings to empty the trash and restock the bathrooms. Contact June Hoch at 241-3034 or

Sunday, April 23, at noon, Ray Shaull, Carlisle CARES Program Coordinator, will meet with host volunteers and other interested members in the dining room. A pizza lunch will be provided.

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