Carlisle CARES – the Shelter is Here!!!

After months of planning, the shelter is at UUCV. The dining room has been reconfigured to afford some privacy for families. You will notice large cubbies to store overnight supplies and a tall pile of mats. The generous offering of our space is a huge benefit to our neighbors who do not enjoy permanent housing. Many work full time at jobs that don’t pay sustainable wages; some have physical or behavioral health conditions that are worsened by an unstable living situation. Imagine being a kid in middle or high school, trying to fit in or complete term papers from a shelter.

What can you do now? There are a handful of host slots that need to be filled. Call June Hoch, 717/241-3034, if you can help some evening. Otherwise, consider donating items from the CARES wish list. Simply deposit in the plastic bin (to the right of the stage) in the Social Hall designated for CARES donations. Below is a list of the desired items for the shelter and Resource Center.

Shelter supplies: Clorox wipes; Lysol spray; paper cups for water.

Office supplies: Stamps; White-out; permanent markers; paper; tape; #10 envelopes.

Personal hygiene items: Toothbrushes; toothpaste; deodorant; razors; body wash; shampoo; combs & brushes.

Cleaning supplies: Vinyl gloves; laundry detergent; dishwasher soap; dish liquid; paper towels.

Miscellaneous: Socks (all sizes); kids’ underwear; men’s boxers (L/XL);  T-shirts (L/XL); pillow cases; tissues; Gallon Ziploc bags; 30-gallon trash bags; coffee and creamer.

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