Button Pushers Needed!

UUCV Sound Board Operator's Station
Does this look scary to you?

One of our greatest strengths at UUCV, as confirmed time and time again by surveys of our community, is our worship program.  Whether it’s Rev. Aija behind the pulpit (or at least wandering near it) and David at the piano, or any of our devoted worship associates and substitute musicians, our Sunday mornings together are the inspiration and motivation for everything else we do as a community of faith.

And essential to that experience (though when it’s done well we rarely notice they’re there) are the committed folks who sit behind the congregation at the sound board, making sure every word and every note are heard as clearly as they can be.

The board operators also prepare the raw recordings of worship that get edited down and posted on our SoundCloud page and embedded in our service archive, so that even those who aren’t able to be with us in person can feel the inspiration and strength we draw from our “holy moments” together!

If you’d like to try your hand at running the sound system for our services and special events—or even if you’re just curious about all that’s involved in that job—I invite you to join me for a short training session after worship.  You even get to be part of the scheduling!  I’ve identified three upcoming Sundays that could work for the training; simply click here to visit the Doodle poll I’ve set up, and indicate which of those dates you’d be available for.  I’ll make a selection based upon the responses I’ve received by May 14, and will shout the date from the rooftops!

Once you’ve completed this training you’ll have the option to sign up to run sound in worship, and can also choose to be added to a list of board operators for special events held in our building between Sundays.  (We generally ask that each board operator commit to running sound at least once monthly or so, just so you stay in practice!)

Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll be happy to help talk you into taking the plunge!


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