UUCV Unsung Hero Announced


This year’s recipient is an Ideal example of our unsung hero…it’s someone who quietly goes about giving of his or her time and talent to UUCV.  Someone who obviously cares about this place, the people in it, and actively supports what we stand for.

Someone who is not celebrated or praised for all that they do because a lot of us don’t have a clue how much this individual contributes to UUCV.

This year’s recipient is a caring and compassionate person who enjoys gardening whether it’s here at UUCV or at Pine Grove Furnace State Park during National Public Lands Day.

This individual helped bring Carlisle CARES homeless shelter back to UUCV and is serving as one of UUCV’s hosts this month.

One Sunday a month this individual helps support UUCV’s bottom line by selling grocery cards.

This active participant in UUCV’s Social Justice efforts can be found volunteering at UUPLAN sponsored area Expungement Clinics and with the UUCV team at the Farm Stand and at the annual Day of Caring.

I’ve witnessed this non-stop fighter for social justice change her gentle and quiet demeanor to resistance when rallying for things like healthcare, anti-discrimination or immigration rights whether it’s on the square of Carlisle or on the steps of the state capitol.


Please join me in congratulating and thanking this year’s Unsung Hero – Margie Akin.

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