CARES…A Successful Shelter Month

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the UUCV members who volunteered to make the CARES guests feel welcomed and safe during the month of May. Many hands made this significant social justice project a reality. Hosts included: Laurel Belding; Marge Akin; Dot Everhart; Nancy Bittinger; Connie Bair; Muriel and Richard Bronakoski; June Hoch; Gay Walker; Dee Lauderbaugh; Cindy Good;  Carole and Tom DeWall; and, Ellen Buller. While UUCV was not required to provide overnight volunteers, Gay Walker, Ellen Buller, Devon Hoch and June Hoch provided this service. Thanks also to Pam Martin, whose flexibility during the month, especially related to setting the thermostat, was invaluable, and to Jim McLaren, our custodian, who kept the facility tidy.

The number of women and children fluctuated from 9 to 19, with as many as four families nestling together. The UUCV volunteers learned the stories of some of the guests and marveled at their resiliency. So many people are only one paycheck or car repair away from homelessness. What a gift to provide a safe, warm place to sleep.

On June 1st, the family shelter will move to Mt. Holly Church of God. We look forward to welcoming them back in 2018.

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