Online worship recordings: what do YOU think?

woman wearing headphonesDid you know we make recordings of most of the spoken reflections and sermons from UUCV worship available for listening online?

The recordings are generally posted to our SoundCloud page within a day or so of the service—but we have only 22 SoundCloud followers, and our hunch is that a good chunk of our members and friends don’t have SoundCloud accounts to begin with….  (It’s okay; we can’t all be audiophiles!)

Many more of us use Facebook and Twitter, though, and we suspect those platforms are better ways for us to get the word out about newly posted recordings.

If you’re interested in listening to UUCV worship excerpts online (whether or not you have in the past), we’d find it very helpful if you could take a few minutes to answer a short survey—six multiple-choice questions about your listening and social media habits and preferences.  The feedback we receive will help us make sure you get all the updates you want about our online audio presence!

Click here to take the survey!

If you have any questions about our recordings, or the sound system in general, please feel free to contact our Music Director.

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