Capital Campaign Update – Moving Towards a Bright Future

Thank you to all who took part in the Town Hall on July 30.  There were many excellent questions about the proposed Capital Campaign.  A good question leads to further research, and is an integral part of getting the best result for any project.  It is too soon to have all the answers, but the questions are keeping us on course towards the optimal goal.  

The first obvious question is:  “What is a Capital Campaign?”

          A:   A capital campaign is a once-a-generation opportunity for a congregation to come together and invest in its future.  It is a means to define and realize our vision of what UUCV can become.

Additional information will be developed through: continued congregational involvement; research into various projects by the  board and Capital Campaign steering committee;  the service and training conducted by Reverend David Pyle on August 20; cottage meetings that are scheduled between August 20 and early September

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