Recapping August – Capital Campaign Weekly Q & A

What have we learned during the first month of weekly Questions & Answers?  Let’s review or give yourself a quiz!   Upcoming, new weekly Q&A segments will answer questions submitted during the Town Hall.  These questions fall into categories: the types of projects, priorities, campaign processes, congregation involvement and financial issues.  Watch for these weekly postings to help grow our understanding of the capital campaign.



#1  Q:What is a Capital Campaign?A:   A capital campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a congregation to come together and invest in its future.  It is a means to define and realize our vision of what UUCV can become.#2  Q: How much input will I have in the Capital Campaign?

      A:   First, share your hopes and visions by attending a cottage meetings.  After the visioning phase, congregation decisions will include selecting project packages, the amount to be raised and whether the Capital Campaign drive should be initiated.


#3  Q:When would a capital campaign drive start  and how long do I have to make payments?

A:   The Capital Campaign would kick off at the same time as the 2018 pledge drive.  Fulfilling pledges would extend over 3 years.  So, there are three years to honor each pledge.


#4  Q:When will we see results from the capital campaign?

A:   Hopefully, soon after funds begin arriving!  Although there are three years for all the pledges to be received, a sizable sum often is donated in the first year.  Projects will be prioritized and as monies are received, projects will be scheduled.

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