September 2017 Newsletter

From the minister…

Dear beloveds,

For the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to sit in on a number of cottage meetings being sponsored by our Committee on Ministry.  The purpose of these meetings is to discern what our individual visions and dreams are for our beloved community and where those dreams intersect and build upon each other.  I am deeply grateful to the members of the Committee on Ministry who have facilitated this work and the other members of our community who have stepped up to lead and host meetings.

For the purpose of these meetings, I am supposed to set a tone of reverence and excitement in the beginning and to do a wrap up and share gratitude at the end.  And for the hour or so in between I’m supposed to sit.  Quietly.

When I was first told of this set up, I must admit to a little trepidation.  While I like to think I am perfectly capable of being quiet when necessary (our board president might disagree), I have so many dreams for our future that the idea of remaining silent when asked about our vast possibilities seemed to be a challenge that I might not even want to meet.

That being said, in church life, we are often given the opportunity to be wrong, and this was one of those times for me.  And I can report that I am happily so.  It turns out that sitting and listening to people’s dreams for our beloved community is an amazing experience made more profound by the act of keeping my mouth shut.  I sat and listened to people’s dreams and was delighted with the places that they intersected with my own and even more excited by the places that they didn’t.  I thought I had dreamed every dream for us that was possible.  Again, I was happy to be wrong.

As I have listened I have heard themes beginning to emerge.  Check this space next month for more on that.

In deep gratitude for our shared ministry,



Worship Information

September Worship Theme is “Introduction to Sources”

September 3 – “PrayerRev. Aija Simpson concludes our series on “Words that Unite/Words that Divide” with worship associate Cheryl Parsons.

September 10 – “Ingathering – There’s a Reason Why We’re Singing.” Rev. Aija Simpson preaching at this multi-gen service with worship associate Rachel Teates.  As we celebrate our annual water ceremony we ask: what is our song? And how do we learn to sing together?

September 17 – “What Do You Mean, Sources?”  Rev. Aija preaches with worship associate Julie Ham.  The Living Tradition we share draws from many sources” Those are the words printed directly under the seven principles in our hymnals. We all know about the principles, but how did those sources get there?

September 24 – “The Man at the Tiller”  Our music program is the envy of congregations twice our size, and music consistently appears near the top of “appreciative inquiry” surveys of our congregation. What is it about music that makes it such an important part of our worship life and our community?  How can our music program support us through our upcoming capital campaign and beyond?  Music director David M. Glasgow preaches, and the choir sings.



Change for the World —

“Hurricane Harvey Relief”

The Change for the World recipient for September will be the “Hurricane Harvey Relief” fund.  The Social Justice Committee will research over the next couple of weeks to determine the best organization to recieve our donation.  You will be upated as soon as a specific recipient organization is selected.



Director of Lifespan Faith Development UUCV – Job Opening

General Description:

The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Cumberland Valley (UUCV) is looking to welcome a creative and enthusiastic leader to help us develop our Religious Education program.   We are searching for a talented and confident leader to continue to foster a multi-generational environment of depth and joy rooted in our Unitarian Universalist identity.

This is a growing program and we are looking for a person interested in growing with it.  UUCV serves a number of new young families and is looking to continue this growth.  The Director of Lifespan Faith Development (DLFD) will work collaboratively with the professional staff and lay leaders to cultivate support for and engagement with religious education.   The DLFD will focus on programming for Preschool-12th grade and family faith development.  This is a 20-hour a week job with the possibility to grow.  The DLFD reports directly to the minister.

About our Congregation:

  • UUCV offers Sunday morning religious education for youth of all ages (nursery – 12th grade) with an average weekly attendance of 20.  Most of these children are in the nursery and K-2 class.   Adult RE classes are offered throughout the year.   Middle School OWL (Our Whole Lives) classes are offered every other year.

  • UUCV has a Religious Education Committee that supports curriculum selection, teacher coordination and special programming.

  • UUCV is a growing congregation in Boiling Springs, PA.  We have 150 members and many friends.  We serve the wider Cumberland Valley and have members throughout the area.  We are an intentionally diverse religious community that welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender expressions.

Job Description:

Title: Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Hours & Compensation: 20 hours per week, salaried in accordance with Fair Compensation Guidelines, UUA Benefits
Start Date: October 1, 2017 or as soon as possible (starting date negotiable)
Reporting: DLFD reports to the Minister and collaborates primarily with the RE Committee.

Religious lifespan education, vital to the health and future of the congregation, recognizes the value of the continuous spiritual growth of our children, youth and adults.  To ensure an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance, the DLFD is expected to be familiar with the religious education philosophy and the curricula of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Because of the significant dependence on volunteers for teaching and other support services, it is expected that the Religious Education Committee will provide strong, on-going support.

The responsibilities of the DLFD are outlined below. The job description may be revised to meet the changing needs of the congregation.  These duties are in addition to the policies and responsibilities delineated in the UUCV Employee Manual.

The DLFD shall:

  • Review, plan, prepare or otherwise coordinate the curricula for the children and youth religious education programs.

  • Recruit, oversee the background clearances, orient and support volunteer RE teachers, nursery and other support staff.

  • Unless otherwise approved by the Supervisor, be present on Sunday mornings to supervise the nursery and children and youth RE programs.  The DLFD will have one Sunday off per month.

  • Welcome and orient new families into the RE program.

  • In coordination with the minister, plan special and intergenerational events for the entire UUCV community.

  • Establish and maintain a calendar of RE programs, events and teaching assignments that is accessible to the Supervisor, the UUCV administrator, the RE Committee chair and others, as needed.

  • Advocate for and publicize the religious education program through the newsletter and other means of communication.

  • Provide leadership for goal setting and the development of the philosophy for religious growth and learning.

  • Attend meetings of the RE Committee, the UUCV Board of Directors and church staff, as needed or directed by the Supervisor.

  • Ensure that the expenditures of the religious education department are within the amount authorized in the church budget for the applicable fiscal year.

  • In collaboration with the minister and the Religious Education Committee, establish performance standards and objectives for the church year.

  • With the permission of the Supervisor and if funded in the UUCV budget, attend the Liberal Religious Educators’ Association Fall Conference, as well as district religious education conferences and workshops.

  • Ensure that a specific volunteer is designated as the director-in-charge on Sundays when the DLFD is absent.  Except in case of illness or emergency, notify the supervisor and church administrator in advance of a Sunday absence, as well as the designated director in charge.

  • Ensure that all volunteers age 18 or older who work with youth under age 18 have secured all required background clearances prior to engaging in the work.

  • Maintain teaching materials, supplies and resources.

  • Maintain records in an orderly fashion and on a current basis.

  • Adult education.  Currently, the DLFD is a part-time position.  As such, the DLFD is expected to focus on religious education activities for children and youth only.  The relationship between the DLFD and the adult religious education program will be collaborative only.

  • Perform duties and attend meetings as a member of the Safer Congregations Response Team.

  • Coordinate and teach at least one Our Whole Lives (OWL) class per year.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisor.

To apply for this position please send a resume and cover letter expressing your interest in the position, as well as three references to Pam Martin at or mail to UUCV, PO Box 207, Boiling Springs, PA 17007.

Applications will be accepted through September 15, 2017




Recapping: August – Capital Campaign Weekly Q&A    


What have we learned during the first month of weekly Questions & Answers?  Let’s review or give yourself a quiz!   Upcoming, new weekly Q&A segments will answer questions submitted during the Town Hall.  These questions fall into categories: the types of projects, priorities, campaign processes, congregation involvement and financial issues.  Watch for these weekly postings to help grow our understanding of the capital campaign.

#1  Q:   What is a Capital Campaign?

      A:   A capital campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a congregation to come together and invest in its future.  It is a means to define and realize our vision of what UUCV can become.

#2  Q:   How much input will I have in the Capital Campaign?

      A:   First, share your hopes and visions by attending a cottage meetings.  After the visioning phase, congregation decisions will include selecting project packages, the amount to be raised and whether the Capital Campaign drive should be initiated.

#3  Q:   When would a capital campaign drive start  and how long do I have to make payments?

       A:   The Capital Campaign would kick off at the same time as the 2018 pledge drive.  Fulfilling pledges would extend over 3 years.  So, there are three years to honor each pledge.

#4  Q:   When will we see results from the capital campaign?

      A:   Hopefully, soon after funds begin arriving!  Although there are three years for all the pledges to be received, a sizable sum often is donated in the first year.  Projects will be prioritized and as monies are received, projects will be scheduled.




Capital Campaign Transitions to Phase II

As the seasons begin to turn, so does the focus of Capital Campaign planning.  September will find us transitioning from Visioning to Project Planning.  Everyone is encouraged to read Pre-views as the “Weekly Question & Answer” will focus on congregation questions.

Mid-September – The Visioning Team, under Deb Stille’s leadership, will finalize a report on what we learned during the cottage meetings.  Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your visions for UUCV’s future.  A special thank you to those who offered their talents as facilitators and scribes and those who offered hospitality serving as hosts.

*Facilitators/Scribes/Hosts:  Bev Ayers-Nachamkin, Gail Black, Jim Burton, Kit Franklin, Anne Gero,  Wendy Gebb, Cindy Good, Jill Kachmar, Char Klein, Don Klinedinst, Mary Lynn Lynch, Kass & Tony Matyas, Cheryl Parsons, Leeann Rhoades, Deb Stille, Rachel Teates, Tim Tilton and Rita van Alkemade.

September The Project Planning Team, under the leadership of Tim Tilton and Rita van Alkemade, will begin 2 months of intense work analyzing the feasibility and costs from the Vision Phase and necessary building restorations.   This is a large undertaking involving research, meetings with contractors for estimates, the expertise of a building architect and site surveyor and creative thinking on how to formulate doable campaign packages.

Late September/October – Watch for guided tours of the building!

These will allow the congregation to observe first-hand and understand such things as: repointing brick areas, deteriorated soffits and exterior doors, the collapsing stone wall, and energy inefficient windows.  Do you wonder why UUCV needs to invest in major building restorations?   Is it possible to redesign the front entrance or kitchen?  Plan to take a tour and discover answers.

“Capital Campaign”:  A New Addition to UUCV’s Website

Capital Campaign information now has a “home” on UUCV’s website.  From the homepage click on the STEWARDSHIP button at the top.  “Capital Campaign” appears in the drop down menu.   New articles and events will continue to be added.  Thank you to Bev Motich and Pam Martin for their expertise!





It is an exciting time here at UUCV. We are actively engaged in a visioning process as we participate in the Cottage Meeting phase of our capital campaign. We are being invited to dream about who we want to be within our community and the community at large in the future. This November we will hold our 21st auction, and in the spring of 2018 we will celebrate our 20th year in our church building. Seems like the perfect year to have fun with a Roaring 20’s theme!

Everyone is invited and wanted and needed to participate, and that includes YOU. Sunday, September 10 is the official Kick Off of Auction 2017. From that date until OCTOBER 8 we will be gratefully accepting your donations of sign-up events, silent auction items. This year we will also have a separate category for donation of gift baskets and perishable items such as homemade breads, pies, jams, jellies to be sold the night the auction. Donations are due by OCTOBER 8, because we need time to catalogue the items and get an Auction booklet printed for distribution before the Auction on Saturday, November 11.

Starting Sunday, September 10, an Auction Information table will be in the Social Hall with donation forms, a place to drop off those forms, a volunteer sign up board, ideas about sign-up events to jump start your imagination, and suggestions about what kind of things to donate for the silent auction. This information will also be available on the website. There is something for everyone to contribute – donations of events and items, volunteering to help, donations of food and beverage, coming to the event, having fun, and spend some Mazuma for the benefit of UUCV.

See you at the Auction. It’s the Bees Knees!

If you have questions please contact

Wendy Gebb at 717.706.9924,

or Melissa Mattson at 484.988.0264,,

Auction 2017 co-chairs


Social Justice Calendar

Sign up to join the list of UUCV volunteers giving a morning of their time at Pine Grove Furnace State Park on National Public Lands Day, September 30thSign up at the Social Justice table in the Social Hall.  Sign up deadline is September 17th.  This is a great FAMILY event!


Help our LOCAL community by participating on UUCV’s team on United Way’s Day of Caring on Friday, October 6th.

Day of Caring is an incredible opportunity that allows participants to help organizations that help so many of our community members! Please join other UUCV volunteers as we participate in this community-wide service project.  Sign-up sheets are available at the Social Justice table in the Social Hall.  Sign up deadline is September 24th.



Memorial Service for John Kallmann

Please come and help celebrate the life of John Kallmann at a memorial service on Saturday, September 9 at 10:30 am in our UUCV Sanctuary.  Early arrival is advised.  There will be a reception in the Social Hall following the service.



Clark Forum for Contemporary Issues

Amy Farrell would like to invite you to Dickinson’s Clarke Forum events.  There are four events related to the Fall theme of Big Data and many other talks that relate to social justice and contemporary political issues.  For a full listing, please check the website: which includes a printable schedule as well.  She hopes to see you there!



Talent Show Rescheduled for Spring

There is a lot going on this fall at UUCV, so we have rescheduled the Talent Show for Spring.  More details to follow as they become available.  Any questions may be directed to Becky MacDicken at or 717-460-3750 (call or text).



UUCV Social Justice Committee fundraiser for the Central PA LGBT Center

Join us on Saturday, October 7th for the performance of FUN HOME at Open Stage of Harrisburg.  The tickets cost $30 each and $10 of each ticket will benefit the LGBT Center. Our fundraiser tickets will be sold to attendees of UUCV and to friends via Facebook.  There is an online registration for those interested in tickets, however, no payment can be made online.  Your ticket reservation will be confirmed when payment (cash or check) has been received. Payment (cash or check) can be given to Cindy Good, UUCV Social Justice Committee member. Checks made out to UUCV with FUN HOME in the memo line can also be mailed to:


Attn. Cindy Good

2 Forge Road

PO Box 207

Boiling Springs, PA 17007

FUN HOME, the winner of five 2015 Tony Awards, is based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir of the same title.  This groundbreaking autobiographical production introduces us to Alison (best known for the long-running comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For”) at three different ages, revealing memories of her uniquely dysfunctional family that connect with her in surprising new ways. The New York Times calls the story “heart-gripping and cathartic,” and says that “FUN HOME occupies the place where we all grew up.”

UUCV Music Director David M. Glasgow plays “Bruce,” Alison’s closeted father, and serves as music director for the Open Stage production.

While the cast of FUN HOME includes actors as young as 9 years old, and the piece is full of humor and upbeat music, parents may wish to consider whether younger audience members will be comfortable with the images of parental anger, suicide, and lesbian sexuality that appear in the course of the story.

NOTE: We are unable to accept payment online for this program.  Your ticket reservation will not be confirmed until payment has been received by Cindy Good, UUCV Social Justice chair.  You can reach Cindy at <>.







Adult RE “Adult Topics of Interest” Fall/Winter Schedule

Join us in the Board Room at 9:00 AM on the dates listed below for “Adult Topics of Interest”  If you have additional questions, please contact Brian McPherson at

Sept 17 – Science and Religion – What is the relationship between science and religion in our society? We will take a look at various viewpoints from philosophers who try to explain religious thought in scientific or psychological terms to believers who point to science as validation of their beliefs.

Oct 1 – Religious beliefs vs. spirituality – A large percentage of the population in the US claim to be spiritual but not religious. Is this just a desire to avoid a label? Can religious people not be spiritual? Are spiritual people not religious? Do these labels matter?

Oct 15 – Alternative therapies – People in our culture have increasingly turned to alternative therapies over the past several decades. We will look at this trend and explore the rise and use of several of these.

Nov 5 – Love – What is love? Is it a feeling, independent of your actions? Or do you need to act lovingly? Can you love someone or something that you only know from afar? Can you love someone who hurts you? Is love always unconditional? The answers depend on your perspective and experience. We will consider the views of philosophers and others and then discuss our own ideas.

Nov 19 – Death and dying – We will explore the ideas of conscious dying and dying with dignity, aka physician assisted suicide. Is the taboo of talking about death changing in our culture? What are the factors in this social evolution.

Dec 3 – After death, then what? – We will look at the views of various religions and societies on what, if anything, happens to an individual’s consciousness after biological death of the body. We will consider efforts to explore what happens after death from an objective viewpoint.

Dec 17 – Psychic research – We will look at the various academic explorations of psychic phenomena, including that done at Duke and Princeton and other universities and organizations. Is there an overarching pattern? Why are positive results rejected by mainstream academia?

DATE CHANGE for New Fall Membership Classes

If you would like to become a member of UUCV or just learn more about Unitarian Universalism, we will be starting classes in the fall.  The first class will be Sunday, September 17 at 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM  Lunch will be provided for the first class.  The remaining classes will be Sunday, September 24 and Sunday, October 1.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch to these classes.    If you are interested and haven’t already signed up, please contact Pam in the office at or 717/249-8944.

UUCV Book Group

Join us on Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 6:30 PM in our Yuuth Room to discuss Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.  Published in 2005, Oprah Winfrey selected A New Earth for her book club in January 2008.  By 2009 over 5 million copies were sold.  According to Tolle, the book’s purpose “is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness.” The idea is to find happiness by living in the present moment.  Bev Ayers-Nachamkin will lead the discussion.  Read the book and join us for an interesting and fun exchange of ideas.  Questions: contact


Adult RE Schedule

Tuesday, September 5 – Meditation with Bhante at 7:00 PM in the Religious Education Classroom.

Sunday, September 10 – New Membership Class at 12:30 PM in the Board Room.

Sunday, September 17 – Adult Topics of Interest – Science and Religion at 9:00 AM in the Board Room.



UUCV Small Group Ministry

From our UUCV website:  Our UUCV Small Group Ministry provides a safe space for personal and spiritual growth, fellowship, and enhanced relationships. Meeting once a month in members’ homes and at the church, our small groups are let by trained facilitators who encourage deep listening and the sharing of beliefs and feelings about chosen topics.  We believe that thinking, feeling and speaking about our experiences are essential elements for spiritual growth.

The success of our SGM program is the direct result of the work and leadership of our facilitators. Their dedication and involvement is extraordinary.  We therefore honor and thank the following small group facilitators: Bobbi Bassett, Char Klein, Jackie Page, Jon Tarrant, Ellen Buller, Dot Everhart, Rita Van Alkemade, Anne Gero, Wendy Gebb, Kit Franklin, Michele Burton, Bev Motich and Ed Glasgow.

Our small groups are open to members and friends of UUCV. If you are not currently a member of our small group ministry program and are interested in more information about the program, please check the UUCV website and contact me or Reverend Aija.

Richard Bronakoski


UUCV Small Group Ministry Update

Our Small Group Ministry Program will again offer a short-term small group that will meet at the church on the third Sunday of the month from noon to 2 PM. We will need a minimum of 6-8 participants for this group which will meet from October 2017 to May 2018.  If you are interested in joining a small group or changing groups, please contact Richard Bronakoski at or Rev. Aija at




Carlisle Institute for Lifelong Learning at Bosler Memorial Library

The Carlisle Institute for Lifelong Learning at Bosler Memorial Library (CLL) provides programs and courses to engage adults in learning at any age and stage of life.  The Institute was initiated by a group of community members (including UUCV member, Katie McFarland) with the vision of creating a setting for personal growth, social opportunities, and intellectual stimulation. The Institute is open to anyone, and all programs and courses are free of charge; however, donations are accepted.

Courses offered this Fall:

“Introduction to Islam” – Course Leader: Dzemal Crnkic

“Travel Journaling” – Course Leader: Trudy Travis

“The United States, Russia and the Middle East” – Course Leader:  Sherwood McGinnis

“When Poetry is Prayer” – Course Leader: Ruth Leach

“Understanding the Health of PA Streams” – Course Leader: Julie Vastine, Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring

To find out more, visit the library and pick up a copy of the Fall 2017 Program Catalog or visit our website  You may register for courses on-line!  Classes begin on 9/12/17.




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