November 2017 Newsletter

From the minister…

What is it time for us to let go of?

That is the question we asked in worship this morning.  Inspired by the story of Little Tree, a tree that can’t let go of its fall and thus can’t grow, we asked, what are the things that are keeping us from growing?  The answers ranged all over the place but there were obvious themes:  fear, anger, disappointment, shame.  

I wish that we could let these things go in one cleansing church ritual.  Heck, I wish I had the magical powers that this morning I admitted I lacked.  If I could help all of us (and I think this is all of us) let go of our fear, our shame, our anger and our disappointments I…wouldn’t actually.  As nice as the idea of instant release is, I don’t think it is real.  I think it is like the cheap grace that our Christian sisters and brothers warn us about.  We need to do the work of letting these things go.  And I have to believe that work starts with naming them.  We began that work this morning.  I would invite you, over the coming weeks and through the next month, to continue to name the things it is time to let go of.  Name them quietly to yourself.  Whisper them into the air and write them in a journal.  Tell a friend.  Come and tell me.  Start to do the work of letting go.  It is how we will grow.

In faith,





Worship Information

November Worship Theme is “Prophets”

November 5 – “James Baldwin” – Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Cheryl Parsons.

November 12 – “Desmond Tutu” – Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Michele Burton.

 November 19 – “Delores Huerta” – Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Christin Kapp.

November 26 – “Young Prophets” – Student Minister Megan Mathieson preaches with worship associate Dick Poland.




Change for the World – “UUA Disaster Relief Fund”

Being described as “a serious, critical, catastrophic event,” the wild fires in Northern California continue to burn.  The death toll is at 31 and climbing as hundreds are still missing, including members from our congregations in the area. Over 3,500 buildings have been lost.  At least eleven of the homes destroyed belonged to members of our congregations, including members who relocated to the area after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. The loss of cherished animal companions has also been reported.

Between the recent hurricanes and these fires, this is when we remember that we belong to one another and that together we can do what we cannot do alone. We know that long after the initial clean-up, real recovery can take months or years. Funds from the UUA Disaster Relief Fund will be made available to our effected congregations. Your donations will allow the UUA to respond flexibly to this tragedy and to new situations as they arise.



Building and Grounds Work Day

B&G work party – Saturday November 18th, 9-12 am.  Put the grounds to bed:  rake leaves, winterize mowers, clean up gardens, and undoubtedly work on some indoor tasks.  Please come for some or all of the morning to pitch in with getting the church yard ready for a winter’s rest.



New Director of Lifespan Faith Development – Emily Crutcher

If I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, my name is Em

ily. I accepted the position of Director of Lifespan Faith Development with UUCV in October 2017.

I’m originally from Urbana, Illinois, and I moved to California to complete a Masters in Sociology at UC Santa Barbara. For seven years I worked in campus sexual violence prevention and response, providing advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I moved to Carlisle in August with my partner Brian, who is a first year law student at Penn State Dickinson.

More about me: I love practicing yoga at Simply Well, I am excessively amused by videos of baby goats in pajamas, Nutella is my kryptonite, and I’m mostly a Ravenclaw (with some Gryffindor tendencies).

I am excited and honored to join the UUCV staff and UU community here. I believe that Unitarian values and community can change young lives – and that we are all lifelong learners. I look forward to getting to know you and your family! Please come say hello before or after service on Sundays, visit my office hours on Mondays from 12:00 – 2:00pm, or let me know another time that works best for you – I’d love a coffee shop meeting or a walk around Children’s Lake!




Auction 2017 – Saturday, November 11

AUCTION MONTH IS HERE! After all the planning and preparation, it is time for a hotsy totsy evening where we can dress up (or not), share some good food and drink, and enjoy the music and each other’s company. And while we all like to have a good time, please keep in mind that the Auction is our major fund raiser of the year. The money generated by the Auction is a line item in our annual budget. For 2017-18, our congregation passed an annual budget that relies on the auction raising $15,000.

UUCV is actively involved in the planning stages of a Capital Campaign which has included envisioning who, what, where, and how we want to be as a community, and as a part of the larger community. Many who have worked on previous Auctions, as well as the current Auction Team, thought it was time for the Auction to move beyond raising funds solely for UUCV’s annual budget. We believe that the money raised by the Auction needs to meet not only our budgetary needs, but also begin to respond to needs in the larger community. We believe that this sharing of resources more accurately represents our values and mission of caring for the world.

Our 2017-18 Auction goal of $15,000 is one that has been achieved by previous Auctions. This year we believe that not only can we reach this goal,  but we can exceed it. The Board has approved a proposal from the Auction Team such that any Auction proceeds beyond the budgeted $15,000 will be donated to a cause beyond our four walls. The details will be worked out WHEN we have the above and beyond funds to donate. And won’t that just be the Bees Knees!

UPDATE: As was noted in the order of service announcements on Sunday, October 29, there has been a glitch getting the Auction Booklets printed. Please look for an email this week from Pam Martin informing you how to access the Auction Booklet online, along with options of how to pick up a print copy if you won’t be able to attend church next Sunday, Nov 4.  Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Thank you to all who have donated and volunteered to help, purchased Raffle Tickets, and registered in advance which is very helpful for the check-in/check-out team. There are still opportunities to help; especially being a food table host for a half hour or so shift during the auction. This involves keeping the food table, dessert table, and coffee and tea stations flowing along. And  we always welcome another hors d’oeuvres or dessert! Why not wow us with your favorite recipe? You can sign up at the Auction Table on Sunday, Nov 4.

**ADVANCE REGISTRATION –  Sundays during coffee hour. Registration is $5 and you can bring a non-UUCV friend for free.

** RAFFLE TICKETS – Sundays during coffee hour. Take a chance on winning the cash prize! Drawing held the night of the Auction.

**BIDDING BUDDY – If you can’t make it the night of the Auction, consider a Bidding Buddy.

  • Ask someone to be your Bidding Buddy

  • Provide them with a list of items and events you’d like to bid on

  • Tell your Buddy the maximum you will pay for each item and event.

  • Provide your Buddy with a way to pay for your purchases the night of the Auction. Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted. The easiest way to handle this would be to pre-register your credit at the Auction Advance Registration Booth in the Social Hall. This will be available on Sundays after church between now and the Auction.

  • Your Buddy will get you a bidding number so UUCV records will reflect your name on the purchases and will get you a receipt for your purchases.

See you at the Auction. It’s the Bees Knees !

And it is soon time to Bid and Buy !

If you have questions please contact Wendy Gebb at 717.706.9924, wendywinter@comcast.netor Melissa Mattson at 484.988.0264,,  Auction 2017 co-chairs  or visit and scroll down to FAQ’S





The upcoming Auction isn’t just for adults!


                   -Good things are happening now


                   -Great things to come


After the cottage meetings in August and September, it is clear that there is great support to move forward with a cohesive plan to strengthen UUCV.  There is great interest in enhancing community outreach, bolstering congregational growth (particularly young families), and expanding staffing.  Then there is the exciting issue of making our physical church home energy efficient, accessible, and appealing to all.

The October building tours provided additional information, and an opportunity to envision the possibilities for improvement.

Our history to date proves that UUCV is a generous congregation, with the means and enthusiasm to expand.  We have proven that we know how to grow and move forward.  We have already come along way, and the future possibilities are impelling.

The Project Planning team has spent months working with the architect and contractors obtaining estimates to enhance the building and grounds.  This information will be compiled into 3 packages, based on priorities and pricing.


Three price point packages will be presented and explained to the congregation. Brochures and handouts will be available.  Childcare will be provided.  A delicious light lunch will follow.


Members of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee will be on hand in the sanctuary after the service to ans

wer any questions you may have.  Remember, the Mozambique Luncheon will also take place on December 3.


Immediately after the service, members will cast their ballot to select the preferred campaign package.  Future planning will work toward fulfilling this goal.  Childcare will be available.

Care and Concern Committee

The Care and Concern Committee seeks to be available for short term needs of our congregation.  We can provide rides to services and medical appointments, emergency meals, requests for help with special needs and home and hospital visits.  If you have a need or know of a need, please call Pam in the church office 717/249-8944 or Rev. Aija and we will be informed.

The CC Committee has five members who meet four times a year and/or when specific needs have to be addressed. The members are: Muriel Bronakoski, Marge Akin, Denise Davis, Ann Sheehan and Susan Vernon.

As a congregation UUCV members actively engage in calling, visiting, shopping for, and driving folk in need.  CCC is aware of those angels who quietly serve in love.  They do not seek acknowledgement but the CCC is grateful. Many hearts lighten….

CCC also provides a support group called Master Mind for those who want to have support for an extended period of time.  It does not provide counseling, but rather the support of a group of caring individuals and tools for working on problems or selected areas of one’s life.

Master Mind is a spiritually based, goal oriented, support group that usually meets for 1 year.   The principle is based on an ancient premise from world religions that states when you combine your strength with that of at least one other person as well as that of a Higher Power, the combined energies are many times greater than the sum of the individual energies.  We as Unitarians can discuss what terminology we feel most comfortable using.   Some suggestions are Spirit of Life or Love, Mother-Father God, Source of Life, God, etc.  The system provides practical tools for goal setting and daily activity which include affirmations, a personal inventory, and a daily journal. New groups for those who are interested will be forming in January.  Interested parties should contact Susan Vernon at by November 30th.

Muriel Bronakoski, Chair CCC


UUCV Book Group

We read many interesting, challenging and fun books this past year and we are looking forward to the New Year.  Please join us on Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 6:30 PM in our Yuuth Room to help select books for 2018. We are open to any subject, fiction or non-fiction. The books must be in print and easily available for purchase. We ask for no more than two suggestions per person.  We will take requests by email but our preference is that you be there.  Everyone present at this meeting will vote and we will set the schedule for next year. Questions: Contact Rich at


Mozambique Bursary Project 2018 Kickoff

The Mozambique Committee will launch their campaign on Sunday December 3rd by taking part in the regular UUCV 10:30 – 11:30 church service.  Then, from 11:45 – 1:00 we’ll provide a Mozambican style luncheon and an information session to celebrate the launch of our 2018 Bursary Campaign. ALL Bursary supporters – within and outside UUCV – plus anyone interested in learning about the program — are invited to UUCV on December 3rd.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  UUCV members act upon Mandela’s words by supporting the Mozambique Bursary project. A small donation makes a huge impact on the quality of rural, Mocambican girls’ lives.  The girls, in turn, use their education to give back to others when they become adults. Their educations provide a lifelong gift that improves their lives and the lives of their families.  Educated Mocambican women also make a positive impact on their communities and nations. Three hundred dollars supports a girl in secondary school for one year.


Social Justice Calendar

Volunteers needed for Farm Stand!

WHEN:  Thursday, November 9th from 9:15 – noon

WHERE: Project SHARE Farm Stand, 123 Lincoln St, Carlisle

WHAT:   You are needed to sort fruits, vegetables and baked goods donated by local stores & farmers.

WHY:     The Farm Stand provides fresh produce, perishable products, and bread two or three days a week

to anyone in the Carlisle community who is in need.

It’s NOT hard work and you will have fun.  All ages are welcome.

If interested, SIGN UP at the Social Justice table in the social hall.



Adult RE “Adult Topics of Interest” Fall/Winter Schedule

Join us in the Board Room at 9:00 AM on the dates listed below for “Adult Topics of Interest”  If you have additional questions, please contact Brian McPherson at

Nov 5 – Love – What is love? Is it a feeling, independent of your actions? Or do you need to act lovingly? Can you love someone or something that you only know from afar? Can you love someone who hurts you? Is love always unconditional? The answers depend on your perspective and experience. We will consider the views of philosophers and others and then discuss our own ideas.

Nov 19 – Death and dying – We will explore the ideas of conscious dying and dying with dignity, aka physician assisted suicide. Is the taboo of talking about death changing in our culture? What are the factors in this social evolution.

Dec 3 – After death, then what? – We will look at the views of various religions and societies on what, if anything, happens to an individual’s consciousness after biological death of the body. We will consider efforts to explore what happens after death from an objective viewpoint.

Dec 17 – Psychic research – We will look at the various academic explorations of psychic phenomena, including that done at Duke and Princeton and other universities and organizations. Is there an overarching pattern? Why are positive results rejected by mainstream academia?



Christmas Marketplace

Lords and Ladies.  The merriment continues.  The Marketplace this year will be held on December 3rd, 10th, and 17st.  Come with your bags of gold coins to find treasures for the holiday and to support our continuing fund-raising efforts.   Our Merry Marketplace gives us the opportunity to give twice.   We also request that several fearless folks step up to:

  • Donate generous gifts to sell.

  • Discover treasures to donate that have value as gifts.

  • Make jewelry fit for a Lord or Lady.

  • Knit or crochet homemade crafts

  • Create fresh wreaths (approximately 6) for Market Sundays

  • Prepare jams or pies to be sold on Market Sundays.

From Nov. 19th, please place gifts generously on the back of the stage with an identification note so you may be joyfully thanked.  If questions remain, please contact Katie McFarland,

P.S.  We, of course, do need help.  Please offer your hand in setting up, selling, and tearing down the marketplace. Please sign-up at the information table in the social hall.


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