Capital Campaign Package Presentations – Rescheduled

As you all know, the members of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, the visioning team, and the project planning team have been hard at work helping us to begin to imagine the unrealized possibilities of UUCV.  The possibilities for our building, for us as a congregation and for our place in this community.

We set ourselves an ambitious goal when it came to when we would share this information with the congregation, and while we are proud of that ambition we know that dreams rarely happen on a timetable.  We have run into the reality that many of you home owners will identify with, that contractors, like dreams, rarely come in on time.  It has become clear that we would be unable to present our plans accurately on our proposed timeline and we would rather share full and complete information at a later date than incomplete and inaccurate information on the original schedule.

Knowing that we are moving into the holiday season, and respecting how important all of your time is, we have decided to move the package presentation to January.  This will not only allow us to share the best information possible, it will allow all of us the time and space to make the decision that is right for this community.  We are excited for the possibilities that this new timeframe opens up.  We’re looking forward to all of the creative ways that the committees are dreaming up to share our vision.

Keep an eye out for more information in the coming months.  We look forward to continuing to dream together.

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