Hey, Hey, Hey, all you Guys and Dolls, let’s keep the good times rollin’ and make this a humdinger of a holiday! The Marketplace this year will be held on December 3rd, 10th, and 17th. Lay down some scratch on fab-u-lous treasures for the holiday season, and to support our continuing fundraising efforts. Our Merry Marketplace gives us the opportunity to give twice. We also need some good eggs to:


Donate generous gifts to sell.

Discover treasures to donate that have value as gifts.

Make jewelry fit for a dapper cat or a flapper gal.

Knit or crochet homemade crafts.

Create fresh wreaths (approximately 6) for Market Sundays.

Prepare jams or pies to be sold on Market Sundays.

Beginning on November 19th, you can pony up your gifts by placing them on the back of the stage with an identification note so we can tell the world that you’re the cat’s meow. If you have questions, tickle Katie McFarland’s ear at 


P.S.  We, of course, do need help. Please offer your hand in setting up, selling, and tearing down the marketplace. Please sign up at the information table in the social hall.

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