Change for the World Reminder

Do you volunteer for or are you familiar with an organization you would like to recommend as a Change for the World (CFTW) recipient?  If so, please complete a CFTW proposal (located on the Social Justice table in the social hall) and place it in the basket beside the forms.

Change for the World Guidelines

The Social Justice Committee (SJC) of UUCV uses the following guidelines in choosing Change for the World recipients that are recommended by congregants or members of the Committee:

Funds collected will be donated to organizations or groups providing needed services that are in keeping with UUCV’s mission and the UU principles.  Special consideration will be given to local groups for whom a donation of $200-$300 dollars might be crucial.

UUCV members who wish to nominate a recipient of CFTW are required to submit a UUCV CFTW proposal form (located on the SJC table in the Social Hall).  Proposed nominations will be reviewed by the SJC on a quarterly basis.  Please note the SJC reserves the right to make special selections during emergency situations, such as was done for hurricane relief.

For more information, please contact a member of the SJC.

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