URGENT: Volunteers Needed for Homeless Count

Wednesday night/Thursday morning is the annual Point in Time Count of the homeless all over the Country. This is a HUD mandated activity, and it determines how much money agencies in our county will get to serve the homeless for the next year, so it’s beyond critical. We will literally be going out in search of unsheltered people during the PIT count, collecting some data, offering them information/services, etc.

We are in DESPERATE need of volunteers to search/count with us from 8:15 PM-11:30 PM on Wednesday night and 8-Noon on Thursday AM. You don’t need any special training — just a willingness to seek out the unsheltered and report back your findings. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, give you a search area, etc at the initial meeting place [Carlisle CyberSpace], as well as provide you with a ‘pre-training information email’.  All you need to participate is a flashlight, a fully charged cell phone, and a car.

Wednesday night, we will search places like Walmart parking lots, truck stops, campgrounds, parks, etc. The Thursday day count also searches places like soup kitchens, libraries, clinics, town squares, etc. We will tell you where to go — we just need boots on the ground to help us make this happen.

Without identifying as many unsheltered people as possible, we will not receive the funding we so desperately need to help the homeless in this county.  If there’s any way you can help, please contact me at ckapp@cchra.com, with your name, phone number, and which time block [Wed. night or Thurs. morning] you can help.

Thank you so much.

Christin Kapp

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