UUCV Capital Campaign – Answers to your Financial Questions

How do we expect to fund the Capital Campaign?

In 2016-17, 20% of our pledges accounted for 50% of the $216,000 pledge income. This would indicate that we can’t just take the total price tag of the Capital Campaign package and divide it evenly among all of the pledging households. Some will be able to contribute more than others. Initially, we are looking for a few major donors who could seed the campaign with larger investments to get us started. They will be joined by several others making significant contributions, and we will rely on many smaller contributions. Ultimately, we anticipate 100% participation from all members and friends of UUCV, regardless of the amount.


Why are we holding a preference vote before a Financial Feasibility Study?

Based upon data from our Next Steps Weekend held last April, all three packages are within the financial capability of our congregation. The results of this vote will solidify our vision. Once we have decided what we want to do, then a Financial Feasibility Study will confirm whether we can successfully meet that goal.


What is a Financial Feasibility Study?

An FFS is an independent analysis to determine the extent of understanding, support, and likely financial commitment for the proposed campaign.  It is based largely on confidential in-person interviews of a carefully selected cross section of members (approximately 20-24 people). Interviews will be conducted by a neutral outsider who is a skilled interviewer, so that the responses are candid and complete, and the resulting data is valid and useful.  The interview data, supplemented by targeted surveys, is analyzed using a range of assumptions and “what-if” scenarios to help estimate an attainable campaign goal.  The Study typically provides specific recommended actions that the leadership can take to increase support and likelihood of success. The expected outcome is a projection of potential success for the Capital Campaign.


Why is staying in our current building the best option?

The Steering Committee worked with a realtor to explore the availability and cost of other buildings and property in a variety of locations in the Carlisle area. There are currently no appropriate buildings available. The cost of acquiring a suitable plot of land would be at least $1 million, with additional construction costs more than doubling that figure. Key major repairs would still need to be completed on this building before it could be offered for sale. Our best option is to care for our current home, a space where we have already made substantial improvements and investments.

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