2018 UUCV Unsung Hero Award Winner


Each year UUCV honors a person in the congregation who has made significant contributions… often over the course of many years.

This person typically is not a Board member or committee chair, and their hard work may have escaped receiving adequate recognition and appreciation.

The names of UUCV’s Unsung Heroes are displayed on a plaque, which hangs in the library on the lower level.   You may wish to take a look at it some time.


2018 UUCV Unsung Hero Award



Our newest unsung hero is a dedicated volunteer who has worn many hats at UUCV.  

Stepping up when asked, this person’s time, talent and heart help fulfill our mission of transforming lives and caring for the world. 

In the past year alone, this person has helped support numerous programs at UUCV including worship, social justice, music, hospitality and the capital campaign. 

One could say, “a black hole” would exist in our congregation without this person’s dependable assistance.

Please help me congratulate this year’s unsung hero

who has (in the words from Star Trek),  “givin her all she’s got“,

 ….Rachel Teates!

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