Carlisle CARES

As we recently celebrated Mother’s Day, may we reflect not only on our mother’s love, but also how many of our cherished memories center on our childhood home. All parents want to raise their children in a safe and secure setting; this dream isn’t always available to all. For whatever reason, there is an extremely high number of mothers and children in the CARES shelter this month. Our dining room is packed each night. Thank you to UUCV for its compassionate decision to welcome our neighbors who are in a transitional state of homelessness. So many are only paycheck away.

How can you help?

  • Volunteer for a Sunday morning walk through to ensure that the downstairs is ready for morning activities.
  • Donate disinfectant wipes, which the residents use to clean the mats each night. Please place items in the bin marked “CARES” in the Social Hall.
  • On Friday, June 1, help the Yard Sale Committee move items from the upstairs stage into the dining room. The Yard Sale Committee generously agreed to relinquish the dining room for CARES, so let’s return the favor with lots of volunteers to schlep.

Questions? Contact June Hoch, 717-241-3034 or

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