Foundry Day at Boiling Springs is just around the corner and UUCV has 2 fundraisers going on at the same time and we need your help to make them successful.


We will have our Strawberry Booth at Foundry Day on Saturday, June 2 and still need

shortcake bakers (18 Dozen More Needed)

workers for all shifts (2 hour) are still needed. 

We also are looking for a truck for set-up and tear-down.


We can’t make this a successful fundraiser without helpers.   Please contact Pam 717/249-8944 or pam@uucv.net or Emily emily@uucv.net to volunteer or for questions.  This is a great family event when your not working you can enjoy the food, crafts, music and festivities of Foundry Day!


The UUCV Yardsale will also be held on Saturday, June 2 and is still in need of:

helpers and transporters to take anything that is leftover to local charities.

Contact Pam 717/249-8944 or pam@uucv.net or Ellen gebuller@verizon.net  to sign up or for questions.



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