August 2018 Newsletter


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The Worship Theme for August is “Fluent in Faith”

August 5: “Spirituality: What good is it?” Some talk of being “spiritual but not religious.” Others reject the very word spirit or spirituality. We’ll explore ways of understanding this quality.  Rev. Dr. Kathy Ellis preaches with worship associate Cheryl Parsons.  Marc Renault provides service music.

August 12: “What is God?” God, in the traditional concept, is not something that we all believe in or agree with. How can we as UU’s interpret God to fit our beliefs?  Rachel Teates is service leader with worship associate Dick Poland.  Music Director David M. Glasgow provides service music, and the choir sings.

August 19: “Sacrament and Sanctuary” What do we experience as an “outward sign of an inward experience of holiness”? For that matter, what really does holiness mean to us?  Rev. Dr. Kathy Ellis preaches with worship associate Julie Ham.  Music Director David M. Glasgow provides service music.

August 26: “Come and Go with Me” We build our future to honor our past. Come celebrate with us as we welcome Rev. Aija home and begin to imagine how that home will grow and change in the coming years.   Rev. Aija Simpson preaches.  Music director David M. Glasgow, with familiar friends Marc Renault on bass and Dani Fiore on drums, will join the choir in celebrating our community, Rev. Aija’s return from sabbatical, and the shared commitment represented by our capital campaign, with two special pieces.



Capital Campaign:

Now is the Time to Give Back

What is it that brings you to UUCV? What is it that holds you in this beloved community?

Now is the time to provide a resounding answer to these questions. August 26 marks the beginning of our campaign to receive your generous pledges and underscore our commitment to the future of UUCV. During this period, you will most likely be contacted by a Campaign Steward from our church, who will offer to meet with you in person and answer any questions you might have. New materials are being distributed to explain how your funds will be used to grow and sustain our church, both physically and spiritually.

A three-year pledge to our Capital Campaign is not simply an obligation but an opportunity. It is a chance to give back in a small way, to keep this liberal religious presence thriving during a time when our voices in the community are needed so desperately.

As UUCV’s Capital Campaign moves forward many of us will ponder the issue of financial options and possibilities.  How can we give as generously as we wish?

Experience from other UU churches suggests more people can make major gifts than, at first, anyone thinks is possible.  The key is to stretch our thinking.  And to keep in mind the 3-year payment time frame and that this campaign is a unique, one-time opportunity while other optional spending can be pursued at any time. Some will give from current income, and others will draw on savings or assets.  Still others will discover a creative strategy for their household.

Here are some ways that we could reach our goal of $665,000:


Capital Campaign Gift
(Total Over 3 years)
# Pledges
$$ Needed
$50,000 1 $50,000
$30,000 3 $90,000
$20,000 3 $60,000
$15,000 6 $90,000
$10,000 10 $100,000
$7,500 12 $90,000
$5,000 20 $100,000
$3,000 24 $72,000
$1,000 13 $13,000
92 $665,000




This chart can help you plan your own payments:


Gift Amount 3-Year Capital Campaign Pledge Period
Annual Semi-Annual Quarterly Monthly
3 Payments 6 Payments 12 Payments 36 Payments
$50,000 $16,667 $8,333 $4,167 $1,389
$30,000 $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $833
$20,000 $6,667 $3,333 $1,667 $556
$15,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,250 $417
$10,000 $3,333 $1,667 $833 $278
$7,500 $2,500 $1,250 $625 $208
$5,000 $1,667 $833 $417 $139
$3,000 $1,000 $500 $250 $83
$1,000 $333 $167 $83 $28


Twenty years from now, what will we look like? Will you still be here to lead the challenges we face? Will our children grow and blossom in their acceptance of one another? Will UUCV maintain this important presence as an enduring liberal religious voice?

How will you use your gifts to bless the world?






Come One! Come All! Join us on August 26

Reverend Aija is returning and we are ready to celebrate with a huge event!

The Capital Campaign Kick Off Cookout will be unlike any gathering we’re ever had. We are raising tents to enjoy UUCV’s outdoor grounds and will be serving lunch under the big top, starting at noon. There will be bubbles and balloons galore, and a FREE LUNCH!  We’re also planning a dessert bar, so if you are willing and able to contribute a nut-free dessert, look for the signup sheets in the Social Hall.

To offer a variety of treats, we’re asking you to use the following guidelines:

Last Name beginning with A-H, bring cake

Last Name beginning with I-P bring pies

Last Name beginning with Q-Z bring brownies/cookies

There will even be a separate sign up sheet for gluten-free bakers.

Please plan to turn out in full force to welcome Reverend Aija back and celebrate our Capital Campaign. There will be something for everyone – just like what we always seem to find at UUCV!








2017 – 2018 Change for the World Annual Report

For the second year in a row the UUCV congregation set a record-high for contributions to the “Change For The World” (CFTW) program during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  For the 12-month period from July 2017 through June 2018 a total of $3,527.64 was collected and then distributed to 12 different charitable agencies and programs.

The previous record was $3,518 donated during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.  The contributions in the recently-completed year were just $9 more than the previous year; by contrast, the 2016-17 record was $338 more than the past record (set in 2011-12).

The 2017-18 month with the largest collection was in September 2017, when $1,000 was given in response to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Hurricane Harvey flood relief program.  Previously, the one-month high record was in October 2016, when $511 was donated for the flood relief project of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

For the 2017-2018 fiscal year – by coin denomination – pennies again lead the way in volume but quarters were dominant in dollar amount, as follows:

          Pennies  –  11,538, or $115.38.

          Nickels  –  3,623, or $181.15.

          Dimes  –  5,703, or $570.30.

          Quarters –  8,293, or $2,073.25.

          50-cent pieces  –  11, or $6.50.

          Dollar coins  –  37, or $37.00.

For those of you (trying) to keep score at home, that’s 29,205 individual coins!

If any reader is such a “numbers” person that she or he wants to multiply the various coin totals to see if it actually equals the total amount, a piece of advice – don’t, because it doesn’t because there were several donations (including one for $500) made via check.

Per month, and by recipient, the CFTW contributions were:

July 2017    $ 351.29 to the “Fresh Match” program of Farmers on the Square, Carlisle

Aug. 2017   $ 243.13 to the Cumberland County chapter of Habitat for Humanity

Sept. 2017  $1,000 to the Hurricane Harvey flood relief through the UUA

Oct. 2017    $ 325.14 to Mama’s Bail Out Fund

Nov. 2017  $ 234.47 to the UUA Disaster Relief fund for California wild fires

Dec. 2017   $ 490.53 to the “Save the Lake” fund for Children’s Lake, Boiling Springs

Jan.  2018    $ 235.91 to the Personal Energy Transportation (P.E.T.) “wheel-chair” program

Feb. 2018   $ 200.90 to the Mount Holly Springs Food Bank

March 2018  $ 230.33 to the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail Council

April 2018  $ 290.54 to the UUA program, “The Promise & The Practice”

May 2018   $ 217.57 to World Food Program USA

June 2018   $ 186.99 to Alder Health


TOTAL                $3,527.64

For more information about any of these recipients or to learn more about the CFTW program, readers can contact the UUCV Social Justice Committee.







Grab a front row seat at UUCV’s 22nd Annual Auction!

Saturday Night at the Movies

December 1, 2018

Admission only $5 & bring a non-UUCV Friend for FREE!

 Come and see how our very own talented Auction Artists work their magic to transform the UUCV Meeting House Social Hall and enjoy an evening of food, music, fun and the chance to bid on sign up events, silent auction items, gift certificates, and maybe a surprise or two. Each year there is something fabulous to grab your interest. The Auction is not only a fun-filled event but is also UUCV’s biggest fund-raiser of the year. Costumes are part of the fun but not required. However, this year will allow everyone to have a choice to fit the theme. Please plan to participate in this all volunteer event.

Here’s what the evening includes:

***Hors d’oeuvres, Desserts and Bar: There will be a spread of hors d’oeuvres and desserts which are donated by UUCV members and friends (included in the $5 admission fee) along with a cash bar of soft drinks, wine, beer, and maybe you can even find some milk duds and popcorn.  And remember while you are enjoying your libations to check out all the items available and get your bid in on time.

***Sign Ups: Fill up your social calendar with this Auction favorite. Everyone has a chance to sign up for events ranging from themed dinners to a hike in the woods. Please consider being the host for a sign up event. They are the most popular part of the auction, are a great way to get to know each other better, and add the most toward our fundraising goal. Let your imagination run free and create an event! Host a dinner and share your favorite cuisine, have a game night, take people to your favorite museum, lead a workshop, or surprise us with your creativity!


***Silent Auction: Members and friends donate everything from jewelry and artwork to small appliances and kitchen items to helpful skills that are your special talent. There is always an array of high quality items that might be destined to become a gift to someone on your list or maybe a treat for yourself. Be alert so you don’t get outbid.

*** Gift Certificates: There is a special area for gift certificates, so please think about any business connections you have that may be willing to donate a service, membership, or discount. Ask them yourself or let us know and we’ll do the asking.

***Raffle: Purchase tickets in advance or on the night of the event for the chance to win a cash prize.

***Live Music: Our wonderful musicians under the leadership of Brian McPherson will once again wow us with their many talents.

***Children’s Auction: The Auction isn’t only for adults! Downstairs in the elementary classrooms children ages 4 and up will have their own themed Auction. There will be cool kid items and each child will receive “Auction Bucks” for purchasing items. Nursery care will be available for our younger friends.


How can you make this year’s auction a box office smash?

Participate and contribute in some way. Everyone is needed to help us achieve the goal of 100% involvement and to reach our fund-raising target.

***Attend! Bring yourself, your family and your friends. If you need a ride, we can help. If you can’t attend, please sign up for a bidding buddy and check out buddy. If you cannot be with us, then support the Auction by buying a raffle ticket, donating an event or food, or simply sending a check of support made out to UUCV and designated to the Auction.

*** Volunteer! We need helpers for set up and clean up, check in and

check out assistants, silent auction monitors, food servers, etc. Look for details as we get closer to Auction Kick Off Sunday, September 30, 2018.

***Donate! This event depends on everyone’s generosity. We need donations of food, drink, sign ups, high quality silent auction items and everything that goes into making the Auction a fun and successful event.

Coming Attractions: Details about how to register for the event, how and when to make donations, and what is needed to make our 22nd Auction a Box Office Smash.

For now, it is time to remember to –

 ***circle the date (Saturday, December 1) with your favorite color***

See you there. Everyone goes to the Auction!!


If you have questions or need information please contact

Wendy Gebb, ( , 717.706.9924) or

Rita van Alkemade, ( , 480.620.6921)






Good News from the Bursary Program

Your donations to the UUCV Bursary Program have been put to good use during February-July 2018. Titos Macie, who is the program liaison in Mozambique, and Sonia Assane Sauale, the Project Manager, report that 104 girls are registered for secondary school or professional training colleges. The secondary school students live in the boarding centers at Namarroi and Molumbo. The young women attending college are studying education, health, or agriculture. Our UUCV donations have provided these students with school supplies and uniforms, bedding, and food, as well as a place to live in the boarding centers.  On March 8th and 9th, 62 parents attended meetings to learn how to best support their bursary students. Sonia and Titos were encouraged by the attendance and support of these parents. The girls at Namorroi are currently growing corn, which supplements their food supply and teaches them a marketable skill.  Plans for August-October include distributing needed supplies, instruction on AIDS and HIV prevention, and computer training for eleventh and twelfth grade students.

Gerusa da Ofelia Slverio Tomodo, a current student in a teacher training college, is a Bursary success story. Gerusa, of Quelimane, joined the Bursary Program in 2013 as a seventh grader. Gerusa’s parents, who have seven children and are peasant farmers, could not afford to give their daughter a secondary school education. Gerusa’s Bursary-supported education allowed her to escape the fate of many village girls such early marriage or working for low wages as domestic workers in Mozambique’s cities. Once she has completed her teacher training program, Gerusa hopes to assist other needy girls.







Grocery Cards – Easy fundraiser for UUCV

Don’t forget to stop by the Grocery Card table after service on Sundays to buy a Giant, Karns or Weis card to purchase all your picnic groceries.  This is a great fundraiser for UUCV – we receive 10% of the face value of every Giant Card sold and 5% for each Karns and Weis card soldCards can also be purchased during the week in the church office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm and on Wednesdays from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  And you can use your Giant card for gas, Carlisle Borough Trash Bags, prescriptions, and beer for those over 21!







UUCV Book Group

Join us Sunday, August 26, 2018 from 6:30 to 8 PM to discuss Louise Erdrich’s book, The Round House.  Erdrich is the author of fifteen novels as well as volumes of poetry, children’s books, short stories, and a memoir of early motherhood. The Round House received the 2012 National Book Award for Fiction. “In this haunting, powerful novel, Erdrich tells the story of a family and community nearly undone by violence. Using the quiet, reflective voice of a young boy forced into an early adulthood following a brutal assault on his mother, Erdrich has created an intricately layered novel that not only untangles our nation’s history of moral and judicial failure, but also offers a portrait of a community sustained by its traditions, values, faith, and stories.” Brian McPherson will lead the discussion.  Questions: contact








Sunday Volunteers Needed


Coffee Makers are needed to prepare coffee for social hour.  Contact Max Lara to sign up If you’re a first timer…he will be happy to show you the ropes.  Volunteer sheets are also located in the Social Hall.

Flowers to share during worship.  Pick fresh from your own garden or from UUCV’s.  Contact RJ Lesch  Volunteer sheets are also located in the Social Hall.







UUCV Social Justice News


August – Change for the World

August’s CFTW recipient is the American Indian College Fund. Description from AICF’s website: “We have one unwavering purpose – increasing the number of American Indians who hold college degrees. Currently only 14% of American Indians have a college degree – less than half the national average. Every year, we empower more than 4,000 American Indian students to start and stay in school, complete their degrees and launch careers that benefit us all. We have provided almost 126,000 scholarships and $193 million to support American Indian communities. We intend to double our impact in the next five years. Join us, and help a student today.”

Hey there…Can you spare some time to help feed those in need?

When: Thursday mornings, August 9th and August 23rd from 9:30 – 11:30

Where: Project SHARE’s Farm Stand is located at 123 Lincoln Street, Carlisle

Why: To provide fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need.

Fun for all ages!  Please sign up at Social Justice table.


Fill the Bus/Carlisle4Kids

UUCV will not be collecting school supplies for Project SHARES’s “Fill this Bus/Carlisle4Kids” this summer.  However, we want to continue to support this important campaign by providing volunteers.

On August 9, volunteers are needed to distribute backpacks and school supplies to the children.


Signup sheets for the volunteer opportunities listed above will be located on the Social Justice table in the social hall. 








Change For The World Needs You!!!

UUCV’s Change for the World (CFTW) initiative has been in existence for a number of years. Since 2012 alone CFTW has supported 52 different non-profit organizations (mostly local) through the weekly collection of your pocket change.  Our average donation of $150-$200 helps the recipient organizations “transform lives and care for the world”.   We also know there may be other organizations that could use a little financial help…and that is where you are needed.

The Social Justice Committee (SJC) is asking you to support the CFTW program by submitting proposals for non-profit organizations you care about and/or are involved with.  The proposals are reviewed by the SJC on a quarterly basis.  The members of the SJC do not take this responsibility lightly.  We do our best to fulfill our responsibility of selecting organizations that meet our guidelines.

If you are interested in submitting a CFTW proposal, please stop by the SJC table in the social hall to review the CFTW Guidelines and pick up a proposal form.  Completed forms may be placed in the basket on the SJC table or returned to UUCV’s office.









New Membership Classes to be Held in the Fall

Are you interested in becoming a member of UUCV or just learning more about Unitarian Universalism?  Rev. Aija will be holding classes on Sundays, September 16, 23 and 30 from 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM in the Board Room.  If you are interested in attending the classes, please contact Pam at 717/249-8944 or  More information to follow.




New Contact Information:

June Hoch

3815 Copper Kettle Road

Camp Hill, PA  17011-1420

H: 717/761-1819    C: 717/319-2326


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