September 2018 Sermons

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The Worship Theme for September is “Spirit of Life”

September 2: “Tending the Spirit” In a world where we are told that we must practice self care and then reminded of all of the tasks we neeed to accomplish beofre we can do any such thing, what does it truly mean to nurture ourselves.  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Gisela Roethke.

September 9: “Where Do We Come From?”  Join us for our annual service of ingathering as we honor the journeys that have brought us to this place.   Rev. Aija Simpson preaches for this multi-gen service with worship associate Christin Kapp.

September 16: “This is Real and We Are Completely Unprepared” It is said that between Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur two books are open – The book of the Living and the Book of the Dead. How you behave in that week will determine which book your name is written in. Can we imagine living our lives with those high stakes?

September 23: “Transitions – Listen! The Spirit is Calling ” Each of us makes countless transitions within the course of a lifetime. Some transitions are so routine we hardly notice them, while others are quite momentous and life changing. Today’s service will explore how some of these changes, these transitions are the openings through which we must go in order to grow – in order to answer those deep callings of the heart.  Intern Minister Cindy Terlazzo preaches.

Cindy Terlazzo is a seminarian at the Lancaster Theological Seminary and is delighted to have the opportunity to spend the next two years interning with UUCV as she winds her way along her path to ordination as a UU minister.  Cindy lives in York, PA, is married with 2 adult children and the two “most wonderful grandchildren in the world”.  In addition to life as a seminarian Cindy currently works full time as a case manager for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Cindy loves to read, watch movies, eat good food, travel and keep opening to the transitions that life presents.

September 30: “Between You and Me” We often say that the spirit of life moves amongst and within us. But what do we actually mean by that?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Molly Wilkinson.

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