September 2018 Newletter

From the Minister

Dear ones,

What a four months it has been!  In the past few weeks I have gotten to see many of you, been hugged and exclaimed over, caught up on all of your lives and been asked one question more than any other: so what did you learn?

I am sorry to report that I did not return with a grand theory of everything so that we might instantly perfect our church and the world.  Alas.  Perhaps next time.

The lessons I came home with were smaller, and more personal.  I look forward to sharing these experiences with you in the coming weeks and months.  I read books that touched my soul, visited places that expanded my mind and even went on the occasional inspirational hike (I know!!!)

In all of these little lessons and moments, one thread could always be found.  Everywhere I went and everything I did had a quiet, steady drumbeat:  thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.  I came home from this sabbatical so grateful.  Grateful that I had the time to step away and restore my spirit.  Grateful for the many, many, blessings in my life.  Grateful for every new book I opened and every new place I visited.  Grateful to live in a world where air travel exists (think about that for a minute, I mean really think about it) and that I have the means to buy a ticket to far off lands – the means to make my world bigger.  Grateful for the places I have called home before and this place that has become my home.  Grateful for my family, for my friends, for beloved colleagues and of course, for all of you.  And so much more.

Those of us who know how lucky we are cannot help but ask what our blessings call us to do.  That is one of the questions I am asking myself, and will be asking all of us, in the coming year: how will we choose to use our gifts?

But first, for now, and in this moment, let me just say:

Thank-you.  It is good to be home.

In faith,







Worship Information

The Worship Theme for September is “Spirit of Life”

September 2: “Tending the Spirit” In a world where we are told that we must practice self care and then reminded of all of the tasks we neeed to accomplish beofre we can do any such thing, what does it truly mean to nurture ourselves.  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Gisela Roethke.

September 9: “Where Do We Come From?”  Join us for our annual service of ingathering as we honor the journeys that have brought us to this place.   Rev. Aija Simpson preaches for this multi-gen service with worship associate Christin Kapp.

September 16: “This is Real and We Are Completely Unprepared” It is said that between Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur two books are open – The book of the Living and the Book of the Dead. How you behave in that week will determine which book your name is written in. Can we imagine living our lives with those high stakes?

September 23: “Transitions – Listen! The Spirit is Calling ” Each of us makes countless transitions within the course of a lifetime. Some transitions are so routine we hardly notice them, while others are quite momentous and life changing. Today’s service will explore how some of these changes, these transitions are the openings through which we must go in order to grow – in order to answer those deep callings of the heart.  Intern Minister Cindy Terlazzo preaches.

Cindy Terlazzo is a seminarian at the Lancaster Theological Seminary and is delighted to have the opportunity to spend the next two years interning with UUCV as she winds her way along her path to ordination as a UU minister.  Cindy lives in York, PA, is married with 2 adult children and the two “most wonderful grandchildren in the world”.  In addition to life as a seminarian Cindy currently works full time as a case manager for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Cindy loves to read, watch movies, eat good food, travel and keep opening to the transitions that life presents.

September 30: “Between You and Me” We often say that the spirit of life moves amongst and within us. But what do we actually mean by that?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Molly Wilkinson.




Capital Campaign – Creating Our Future Together       

Many months ago, we shared in voting for our vision of the future. Now, thanks to early generous support we are over half way to achieving the goal of our Capital Campaign.  The Gold Plan is within our reach!

A capital campaign is the path to growth and improvement, and an opportunity for the congregation to come together and invest in that future. Our history proves that UUCV is a generous congregation, with the means and enthusiasm to expand.  We have proven that we know how to grow and move forward.  Now is the time to stretch even more!

We can all share in this vison by pledging a three-year commitment now. The pledges we receive through September 9th will shape what kind of future we can achieve for our church home.

We are off to a wonderful start, but there is more work to be done. To those who have already pledged, thank you for your generosity.  Information packages have been picked up or mailed to those who have not yet completed a pledge form.  Forms and information are also available on the UUCV web site under Stewardship.

Together we can make our dreams a reality!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney






On Sunday, August 26 we gathered in our church home to welcome Rev. Aija back from her sabbatical, to launch the pledge making phase of our Home and Heart Capital Campaign, and to share food and fellowship with a picnic celebration. It is exciting to anticipate a successful outcome of the Capital Campaign with all the possibilities it will bring to UUCV. A Capital Campaign is a once in a generation opportunity and relies on each and every one of us searching our hearts and being as generous as we are able. By contrast, the UUCV Auction is an annual event, and the revenue generated by it is an important component of our annual budget. Just like the Capital Campaign, the Auction relies on each and every one of us contributing in some way.  And there are many ways to participate!

**CASTING CALL**   Sunday, September 30 is the official Kick Off of Auction 2018, Saturday Night at the Movies. The Auction Team will host Coffee Hour and be available to answer your questions. An Auction Information Table will be in the Social Hall with donation forms, a place to drop off those forms, a volunteer sign up board, ideas about Sign-Up events to jump start your imagination, and suggestions about what kind of things to donate for the Silent Auction. This information will also be available on UUCV’s website. There is a way for everyone to play a part: donate Sign-Up events and Silent Auction items; volunteer to help; donate food and beverages; attend the Auction costumed as your favorite movIe character (not required but always fun☺ and support our annual budget by bidding and buying.  So whether you are in a leading role, a key grip, or a scene extra, everyone is wanted and needed in the cast and crew, and that includes YOU. No prior cinematic experience is necessary!

 **ACT ONE, SCENE ONE, TAKE ONE**   It is not too early to start thinking about what you can contribute to the Auction. From SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 until SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28 we will be gratefully accepting your donations of Sign-Up Events and Silent Auction items. Sign Up Events are not only the biggest money maker for the Auction, they are also a great way to show off your creativity and talents, get to know other members in the congregation, and build our beloved community. The Auction Team requests that your donations to the Silent Auction be items of gift giving quality. FYI – Donations are due by SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28, because we need time to catalog the items and get the Auction Booklet printed for distribution a few weeks prior to the Auction which is on


This Preview has been approved for all audiences!

If you have questions please contact Wendy Gebb at 717.706.9924,

or Rita van Alkemade at 480.620.6921,





UUCV Book Group

Join us Sunday, September 23, 2018 from 6:30 to 8 PM to discuss Neil DeGrass Tyson’s book,

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.  NDT writes that this is the book for you “if you’re too busy to absorb the cosmos via classes, textbooks, or documentaries, and you nonetheless seek a brief but meaningful introduction to the field.” There are so many recent reports and articles about black holes, dark energy, dark matter, quantum entanglement, life on Mars, exoplanets, the age of the universe, etc. This is an amazing time to be alive and aware of what all of this might mean. NDT says that “the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” Even so, there is a way “to a foundational fluency in the major ideas and discoveries that drive our modern understanding of the universe.” Questions: contact




September Change for the World – Peace Promise

Founded in 2008 to serve the Harrisburg metropolitan region, Peace Promise is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization that assists in recovering hope and strengthening the lives of those impacted by sexual exploitation in our community.

Peace Promise addresses the complexities of sex trafficking in the Harrisburg region by offering: Outreach, intervention and advocacy for those involved in commercial sexual exploitation; Healing support and restorative care for sex trafficking survivors; and Community education and awareness regarding the dehumanization and identifiers of sex trafficking, prostitution, and pornography.

Peace Promise accomplishes its work through a volunteer team of committed and dedicated individuals who represent many different faith communities located throughout Cumberland, Dauphin and York Counties.


UUCV….Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Project SHARE Farm Stand

Help is needed on Thursday, September 13th and 27th from 9:30 to 11:30.  Volunteers sort donated food for distribution to those in need.  The Farm Stand is located at 123 Lincoln St, Carlisle.

Register to Vote

If you are not registered to vote, stop by the Social Justice table and pick up a PA Voter Registration Application. The last day to register to vote in November is October 9, 2018.

Social Justice Movie Night

Returning to UUCV…Keep your eyes and ears open for an announcement!


Day of Caring – Sign up now

Join the UUCV team as we help out in our local community on Friday morning, October 12th.   Signup at the Social Justice table in the social hall.  Deadline to sign up is September 30th.




Fall Adult RE Schedule

These classes will be held on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00 am in the Board Room.

September 16: Reason and Happiness

Many have come to Unitarian Universalism feeling that the religion of their youth never quite captured their heart or their mind.  They enthusiastically embrace UU’s focus on rationality, science, and questioning.  For some UUs intellectual doubts about traditional religious beliefs have resulted in a deep sense of loss.  But reason and science raise questions and challenges not just for traditional religions.  Is reason a help or a hindrance to finding happiness and joy in life?  Does the search for truth conflict with the search for meaning?  How do we find a balance for our need to be rational and our deep desire to lead happy, meaningful, and fulfilling lives? Keith Bittinger will lead the discussion.


September 30: Atheism and the Meaning of Life

For the atheist, there is no supernatural or transcendent realm that imbues reality with inherent worth and meaning.  All that exists is the universe, which is made up of matter and is governed by natural laws.  Life itself consists solely of matter and has arisen through natural, impersonal processes.  Given this view of reality, do our lives have meaning?  In this class we’ll discuss various ways in which atheists think our lives do indeed have meaning. Keith Bittinger will lead the discussion.

October 14:  Religion as Virus

On the individual level, a religion is a set of interlocking memes that occupies a person’s mindspace and behaves like a virus infection. It enters into the mind from outside, from another “infected” human or video or printed matter. It has been evolving for thousands of years, in the minds of those it “infected” before, slowly becoming very, very good at reproducing itself. We will talk about how people choose, or don’t choose, the ideas they permit to reside in their mindspace. Joseph Osborne will lead the discussion.


October 28: The Church of Reality and Michael Dowd

Michael Dowd is an itinerant preacher who travels the US with his wife, science writer Connie Barlow, preaching reality based religion.  Their creation story is Big History, starting at the Big Bang. Their scripture is Evidence, the best available, about what actually is. Their Theology is Ecology: the only responsible way to live is to take loving care of the Earth. Their church is the Church of Reality, a website. We will explore this movement. Joseph Osborne will lead the discussion.


November 11: Reincarnation

In this class we will review the evidence for reincarnation that comes from the hundreds of documented cases of young children who have spontaneous detailed memories of past lives, especially from children born with birth marks or birth defects that correspond to wounds or injuries purported to have been suffered by the previous personality. We will also look at the use of pastlife therapy to resolve deep psychiatric problems that are resistant to more conventional treatment. Don Hoffman will lead the discussion.


November 25: Christian Origins Revisited

Was Jesus an historical figure whose life was later mythologized, or was he a mythological figure whose life was later historicized? In this class we will continue our exploration of this question by looking at the letters of Paul and at the 333 Old Testament “prophesies” that were allegedly fulfilled in the life of Jesus. Don Hoffman will lead the discussion.


December 9 and December 23: A Matter of Faith and Belief

For our two meetings in December our discussions will highlight two books: Emmanuel Carrere’s The Kingdom and Bart Ehrman’s TheTriumph of Christianity. However, reading these books is not a prerequisite for attending the classes and participating in the discussions. With the help of these recent works we will survey the New Testament writings of Paul and Luke and the early growth and development of Christianity. Both Carrere and Ehrman started as Christians, but now consider themselves agnostic, and yet both are still fascinated by the Christian story.  With the help of these two authors we will take a new look at this most interesting and fascinating story that has affected and continues to affect so many. Rich Bronakoski will lead the discussions.

And…New this Year in Adult RE:

The Long Strange Trip   Rev. Kathy Ellis will lead this six session DVD Unitarian,  Universalist and Unitarian Universalist history series.  How did we get here? Ground your Unitarian Universalism with knowledge of our past.  We’ll watch a film and talk about it.  Attend one or all six. Bring snacks to share if you like. Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 in the Board Room.  Contact Emily Crutcher if you require childcare.

September 25            In the Beginning

October 9                  The Birth of Unitarianism

October 23                American Unitarianism

November 6              Universalism

November 20            Evolution

December 4             The Hundred Year Waltz


Listening to Our Lives  Rev. Kathy Ellis will lead this nine session adult spiritual development group. This small group is all about the perennial religious topics. Participants will grow in spirit and fellowship through focusing on questions about Inspiration, God, Community, Suffering and Death, Cultivating a Spiritual Practice, and Living our Gifts. We will meet on Wednesday evenings: September 26, October 3, 17, 24, November 7, 4, 28 and December 5 and 12.  Please register with Pam in the office or 717/249-8944. This is a small group limited to 12 people and attendance at all sessions is important.   Contact Emily Crutcher if you require childcare.  Questions? Ask Kathy. 717-385-5432.


Ingathering                                               Course Overview & Introduction                 September 26

Hearing the Call                                       Inspiration                                                   October 3

What I Have Been Given, 

What I Have to Give                                 Gifts                                                            October 17

The Gate Opens to the Path                    Choosing a Spiritual Practice                     October 24                                                                                 

The Shelter of Each Other                       Beloved Community                                   November  7

The Problem of Pain                                Suffering                                                     November 14

At the Close of the Day                            Death                                                         November  28                                                                 

The Name Beyond All Names                 God                                                             December 5                                                                              

Making Wide the Way                              Salvation                                                    December 12



Sunday Volunteers Needed

 Coffee Makers are needed to prepare coffee for social hour.  Contact Max Lara to sign up If you’re a first timer…he will be happy to show you the ropes.  Volunteer sheets are also located in the Social Hall.

Flowers to share during worship.  Pick fresh from your own garden or from UUCV’s.  Contact RJ Lesch  Volunteer sheets are also located in the Social Hall.



Grocery Cards – Easy fundraiser for UUCV

Don’t forget to stop by the Grocery Card table after service on Sundays to buy a Giant, Karns or Weis card to purchase all your picnic groceries.  This is a great fundraiser for UUCV – we receive 10% of the face value of every Giant Card sold and 5% for each Karns and Weis card soldCards can also be purchased during the week in the church office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm and on Wednesdays from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  And you can use your Giant card for gas, Carlisle Borough Trash Bags, prescriptions, and beer for those over 21!



Parking at UUCV…be courteous to our neighbors!

The parking spaces in the UUCV parking lot are very limited.  Please reserve these spaces in our parking lot for those with mobility issues and families with small children.  There is additional parking across the street at the convenience store parking lot as well as the Boiling Springs Middle School parking lot.  Let’s all be neighborly…please DO NOT park along High Street in front of our neighbors homes or along Forge Road.  This makes it difficult for our neighbors…and UUCVer’s….to have clear visuals when trying to pull our onto Forge road.  Thanks for your cooperation!!




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