The UUMN is (soon to be) no more!

UUMN Treasurer Lyle “LB” Brown models a slightly modified example of the “UUMN Being” T-shirt that at least a few of us are glad are becoming collector’s editions….

If you’ve engaged me in conversation for more than a few minutes on professional matters, you’ve almost certainly heard me gush a bit about the UUMN–the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network.  That organization, whose mission is “to nurture, educate, and inspire UU music leaders to create dynamic and transformative music ministries and to model and promote excellence in shared ministry,” meets annually—which explains the week-long “vacation” I take each summer to UU-ish places near and far.

At our most recent conference, last month in Portland, Oregon, the UUMN membership approved a change in our organization’s name and mission.  Effective January 1, we will be the “Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries” (and yes, that does lend itself to a more than slightly self-deprecating acronym), with a newly defined mission.

That mission—”to support music and worship arts professionals, leaders, and those they serve through advocacy, education, and inspiration”—is designed to encourage UU congregations like ours to take seek out and take advantage of national resources that energize our worship and community life.  A new low-cost “lay membership” option is available to non-professional musicians, allowing choir members, parents of musical kids, and others to take part in the amazing collaboration and (if we say so ourselves) the best professional UU conference out there!

If you’d like to learn more about the UUMN—er, AUUMM—let me know!  We’d love to have youas a member!


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