October 2018 Newsletter

From the Minister

Dear Friends

As I write this, my mind keeps drifting to the TV I’m not watching.  That sounds like an odd sort of sentence until I report that it is Thursday, the day of the Kavanaugh hearings.  Whether we watched or not, I don’t think any of us could keep the hearings far from our minds.

I remember with such clarity the Thomas/Hill hearings.  My parents were glued to their television, an uncommon enough occurence in my childhood home that I knew something momentous was happening.  It was 1991 and I was nine years old. Nine year olds are typically still concrete thinkers. When someone does something bad, that person is punished.  So I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the idea that someone accused of such wrongful behavior was not only not punished, but instead was rewarded. That moment was one of many in my life as a woman in which I realized that not only was I not safe, but that to some people, my safety didn’t matter.  

I was forwarded the following the other day:

Right now, all over the country, teenage girls are waking up to news feeds full of posts written by adults in their lives that say teenage boys trying to rape them is “just how boys are” and “they can’t help themselves” and “it was just a little harmless fun.”


Think about what that must be doing to them.  And when you are done thinking about that, imagine all the teenage boys reading the same thing.

And in every moment, we teach our girls, implicitly and explicitly, they they are not guaranteed safety.  And we teach our boys that we don’t expect them to be safe to be around.

One of the things I love about our faith tradition is Our Whole Lives, which is Lifespan Sexuality education.  We tell our girls and our boys that they deserve to make decisions about their own bodies and every body is holy and worthy of protection and care.  We work to counter the toxic messages that surround us all. But it isn’t just our kids who need to hear these messages. Many of us, perhaps most of us, have had encounters where our holy bodies were not honored or we did not honor the bodies of others.  That is what #metoo is all about – the pervasiveness of the the damage that is done to bodies, particularly female, transgender and non-binary bodies.

As we hear the stories of people bravely telling long buried truths, please be gentle with yourselves.  Take care of yourself, hold the people you love close. Please remember that I am here to help carry your stories if you ever need to share them.  In this moment when many of us are angry, and scared, remember: we are not alone.

In faith,





Worship Information

The Worship Theme for October is “Come to Us”

October 7: “Wider Grows the Vision” Our ministers emeriti Rev. Duane Fiskeisen and Judy Welles return to reflect on the dream that has become a robust presence for Unitarian Universalism here in the Cumberland Valley. They will celebrate what abides and what unfolds in their own lives as well as in the life of the congregation.  Rev. Aija Simpson is worship associate.

Duane Fickeisen and Judy Welles served UUCV as co-ministers from 1997 to 2011. They reside in Portland, Oregon, where they enjoy an active retirement and seek to “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life,” as Thoreau wrote.


October 14: “Blessed is the Bread We Eat.  Blessed is the Love We Share” Breaking bread with others is a ritual that reaches back to the dawning of humankind. To share what we have with others is a holy act, it is the mark of true welcome. Join us today for this multi-generational service as we break bread with one another in a spirit of deep hospitality.  Cindy Terlazzo preaches with worship associate Gisela Roethke.

October 21: “What is our New Colossus?” In these frightening times it can seem as though the words inscribed on the statue of liberty are empty. What would it look like if our country took them seriously? What would it look like if our faith community took them seriously?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Cheryl Parsons.

October 28: “When the Dead Come Back” …or when they never left. As we approach All Souls Day, we ask: what do we do with our dead?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Deb Stille.





Now that we have your attention, please read this page.

Why? Because this matching gift, funded by the UUA, can be a nice bonus of FREE MONEY to our Capital Campaign!

Wake Now Our Vision (WNOV) is a generous 10% legacy gift match available through UUA for a limited time. This program will distribute legacy gift matches to a designated UU organization, which could be UUCV if you write that name on the application form.

Members who:

  1. have made or will make a legacy gift between 1/1/17 – 6/30/20

  2. or who have previously made a legacy gift, but not yet informed UUA or UUCV

are eligible to complete the application process. The process and application are easy.

**Here is a key point – Because UUCV has never had an endowment fund and never recorded any member’s estate planning intentions… all such legacy gifts (realized after you die) become eligible for this match.

Example: If you have or will soon include UUCV in your will, or on a beneficiary form or one of several other options, WNOV will give UUCV a 10% match.   So if you document a $30,000 legacy gift, UUCV gets a FREE $3,000.


UUCV’s Board has agreed to apply all legacy gift matches received from WNOV toward the Capital Campaign.  The funds will be paid to UUCV in 2019 and 2020.

We hope all eligible members will consider and apply for the WNOV legacy gift match,

both to strengthen our general endowment fund and to supplement the Capital Campaign drive with these 10% matching funds from the UUA.  Please note that this cannot be considered part of your Capital Campaign pledge, as it is a direct exchange from the UUA to UUCV.

For further information, assistance with making an application, or for questions on WNOV please contact UUCV point person –  Carole DeWall, 717-249-3900

carolesdewall@gmail.com and see: www.wakenowourvision.org




Calling all bakers, helpers and lovers of bread 

We Need your Help!

Help us welcome the harvest as we celebrate and give thanks for the abundance found within this community.  Join us on October 14th for our multi-generational Breads of the World communion service.  Bread is something people all over the world have in common.  There are many different kinds of bread, but bread feeds everyone!  Our sharing of bread ceremony reminds us all that when we share the different gifts that we have, we all can be fed.

In preparation for this service we are asking you for donations of bread – all kinds of bread – breads from your culture, breads that you love to bake or simply breads that you love to eat.  We will use these offerings in a special communion ritual in which we celebrate and give thanks for our many blessings.

Leftover breads will be donated to a homeless shelter.

Please sign up on the sign-up sheet in the social hall and/or contact our intern – Cindy Terlazzo (cterlazzo@lancasterseminary.edu) to let us know what you will be bringing.

NOTE: UUCV has a nut-free policy: no peanuts or other tree nuts including coconut.

Please deliver your bread on October 14th by 10 AM to the kitchen.




Save the Date – Mozambique Kick-Off Luncheon

We will launch our Bursary Campaign on Sunday November 11th during the regular UUCV 10:30 – 11:30 church service.  Then from 11:45 – 1:00 the Bursary Committee will provide a Mozambiquan style luncheon and an information session to celebrate the launch of our 2018 Bursary Campaign. ALL Bursary supporters – within and outside UUCV – plus anyone interested in learning about the program — are invited to UUCV on November 11th.







**Lights and…AUCTION!**


October may be the month of mums and pumpkins but it is also the month for gathering all the DONATIONS for the Auction. The deadline for making your donation of Silent Auction Items or Sign Up Events is Sunday, October 28. We need your donations by then so that we can get the items catalogued, prepare the Auction Booklet, get the Booklet printed, and distribute the Booklet several weeks in advance of the Auction.

Beginning Sunday, September 30 there will be an Auction information table in the Social Hall and Auction Team members will be available during coffee hour to answer questions and make suggestions.

When you make a donation PLEASE remember to fill out a donation form. We need this information to process the donations and somehow keep it all organized. Forms are available on the Auction Table or can be completed online by visiting www.uucv.net/auction.

Sign up Events are the biggest money maker for the Auction and, along with being a fun social evening, the Auction is our biggest fund raising event for our annual budget. NEW THIS YEAR – as an incentive for you to donate a Sign Up Event –  anyone donating a Sign Up event between Oct 1 and Oct 20 will be entered into a drawing to receive a special prize. There will be a drawing the first three Sundays in October at coffee hour to announce the winner from the previous week’s donations. You do not need to be present to win. So start writing your script or get your cameras rolling or plan the stunt for your Sign Up Event !

The Auction Team requests that your donations to the Silent Auction be items of gift giving quality. With this in mind, and knowing that we have limited space for display, the Auction Team may decide an item is not suitable for the Auction. Should that be the case, we will ask the donor if they want the item returned to them or placed in the UUCV Yard Sale. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Donation Deadline is Sunday, October 28!

Auction 2018 – SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2018

See you at the Movies!

If you have questions please contact Wendy Gebb at 717.706.9924, wendywinter@comcast.net

or Rita van Alkemade at 480.620.6921,  tim.rita.zoe@gmail.com




UUCV Book Group

Join us Sunday, October 28, 2018 from 6:30 to 8 PM to discuss Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism edited by Kendyl L. R. Gibbons and William R Murry. The editors believe that humanism is a bona fide spiritual path in the same way as Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Gibbons believes that “humanism encourages those of us who embrace it to live as fully as we can, in all the authentic wonder and curiosity that the human spirit can generate.”  In 23 engaging and thought-provoking essays, we get a glimpse of this rich tradition within Unitarian Universalism. Keith Bittinger will lead the discussion. Questions: contact richardbronakoski@gmail.com.








UUCV….Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Project SHARE Farm Stand

Help is needed on Thursday, October 11th and 25th from 9:30 to 11:30.  Volunteers sort donated food for distribution to those in need.  The Farm Stand is located at 123 Lincoln St, Carlisle.

Sign our petitions – October 1 through October 14

Stop at the SJC table to sign petitions supporting the passage of SB501 and HB2060. Both bills are designed to enhance safety for all parties involved in Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders and convictions of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence that require relinquishment of firearms.

Social Justice Movie Night

Friday, October 19th.  Join us at 7 PM in the Board room to watch “Immigrant Prisons”.





Change for the World –

UUA Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Florence

We know that long after the initial clean-up, real recovery can take months or years. The UUA stands with its congregations and is ready to provide assistance to help congregations in repairing any damage, and to support them in responding to the needs of their members’ and their community’s efforts to get back on its feet.  Please give generously to help UUs and others impacted by Hurricane Florence.








October Adult RE Schedule

These classes will be held on Sunday morning’s beginning at 9:00 am in the Board Room.

October 14:  Religion as Virus

On the individual level, a religion is a set of interlocking memes that occupies a person’s mind space and behaves like a virus infection. It enters into the mind from outside, from another “infected” human or video or printed matter. It has been evolving for thousands of years, in the minds of those it “infected” before, slowly becoming very, very good at reproducing itself. We will talk about how people choose, or don’t choose, the ideas they permit to reside in their mind space. Joseph Osborne will lead the discussion.


October 28: The Church of Reality and Michael Dowd

Michael Dowd is an itinerant preacher who travels the US with his wife, science writer Connie Barlow, preaching reality based religion.  Their creation story is Big History, starting at the Big Bang. Their scripture is Evidence, the best available, about what actually is. Their Theology is Ecology: the only responsible way to live is to take loving care of the Earth. Their church is the Church of Reality, a website. We will explore this movement. Joseph Osborne will lead the discussion.

Evening Adult RE:

The Long Strange Trip   Rev. Kathy Ellis will lead this six session DVD Unitarian,  Universalist and Unitarian Universalist history series.  How did we get here? Ground your Unitarian Universalism with knowledge of our past.  We’ll watch a film and talk about it.  Attend one or all six. Bring snacks to share if you like. Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 in the Board Room.   Contact Emily Crutcher emily@uucv.net if you require childcare.

October 9                The Birth of Unitarianism

October 23                American Unitarianism








Please be sure to note on the memo line of any checks made payable to UUCV the reason for the checks, such as “grocery cards”  “capital campaign”  “pledge” “offering” “Mozambique”  This assures that your donation gets applied to the account you intended and keeps your year-end tax statements accurate.

If you have any questions, contact Pam 717/249-8944 or pam@uucv.net



Membership Committee needs your help…

The Membership Committee is looking for several more members and will also be providing training for folks who are interested in occasionally greeting on Sunday but don’t want to join the committee.

The committee meets on the first Friday of each month at 10am in the Board Room.  Contact Gail Black if interested gailmcmblack@gmail.com





Sunday Volunteers Needed


Coffee Makers are needed to prepare coffee for social hour.  Contact Max Lara to sign up mad01max@comcast.net If you’re a first timer…he will be happy to show you the ropes.  Volunteer sheets are also located in the Social Hall.

Flowers to share during worship.  Pick fresh from your own garden or from UUCV’s.  Contact RJ Lesch rjlofiowa@gmail.com  Volunteer sheets are also located in the Social Hall.






Grocery Cards – Easy fundraiser for UUCV

Don’t forget to stop by the Grocery Card table after service on Sundays to buy a Giant, Karns or Weis card to purchase all your picnic groceries.  This is a great fundraiser for UUCV – we receive 10% of the face value of every Giant Card sold and 5% for each Karns and Weis card soldCards can also be purchased during the week in the church office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm and on Wednesdays from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  And you can use your Giant card for gas, Carlisle Borough Trash Bags, prescriptions, and beer for those over 21!




Parking at UUCV…be courteous to our neighbors!

The parking spaces in the UUCV parking lot are very limited.  Please reserve these spaces in our parking lot for those with mobility issues and families with small children.  There is additional parking across the street at the convenience store parking lot as well as the Boiling Springs Middle School parking lot.  Let’s all be neighborly…please DO NOT park along High Street in front of our neighbors homes or along Forge Road.  This makes it difficult for our neighbors…and UUCVer’s….to have clear visuals when trying to pull our onto Forge road.  Thanks for your cooperation!!



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