Middles Mitten Tree Project

The Middles class at UUCV has a special message about the Mitten Tree Project!

Please place new mittens, gloves, scarves, hats and socks on the Mitten Tree in the Sanctuary by December 30th.



From the Minister

Dear Friends:
Stop.  Look.  Listen.  For the holy is all around us.
It is in the light in this grey, winter sky.
It reflects off the glistening ice and individual snowflakes all unique.
It pulses through the hands resting on the pew next to you, … read more.

Christmas Eve Family Choir is back!

It’s that time again! Will you be joining us at UUCV for Christmas Eve 2018? If so, we’d love to have you in the annual Christmas Eve Family Choir! No auditions, no stress: just attend one rehearsal and you’re in! See this … read more.

UUCV Closed Today, Thursday, November 15

LUUCV will be closed today due to the weather forecast. All events scheduled to be held at UUCV including the board meeting and choir rehearsal are canceled. If you have an offsite event, please check with your leader for cancellation information.

Stay safe

UUCV Cancellation Information

Looks like winter is upon us and with that comes inclement weather that can make it dangerous for travel.  During the week, if the South Middleton School District closes because of the weather, the UUCV office will close and all activities scheduled at the church … read more.

Small Group Ministries Seeking New Members


Over 120 participate in UUCV Small Group Ministries.  Perhaps this is for you.  Are you seeking a community that fosters spiritual and personal growth within a framework of trust and safety?  Participation in Small Group Ministry might be your answer.

The following groups have openings:

The Kumquat … read more.