Spirituality: What good is it?

Some talk of being “spiritual but not religious.” Others reject the very word spirit or spirituality. We’ll explore ways of understanding this quality.  Rev. Dr. Kathy Ellis preaches with worship associate Cheryl Parsons.  Marc Renault provides service music.

God, Goddess, Gods?

How can we talk about God in a meaningful way? How well do we listen to others’ ideas and experiences of God? Rev. Dr. Kathy Ellis leads worship with Cheryl Parsons as worship associate. Music Director David M. Glasgow provides service music, and the choir sings.


 About the “men of July 20th” (referring to July 20th, 1944) a high level German resistance movement against the Nazis that tried to replace Hitler’s whole government to end the murderous regime, the Holocaust and WWII. One of the men linked to the leaders of this coup was Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Gisela Roethke is worship leader with Dick Poland as worship associate.  Pat Spader offers a prelude, and Music Director David M. Glasgow provides service music.